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kevinmsmith commented about Madison Art Cinemas on Oct 11, 2004 at 5:12 pm

I worked at the Madison Theatre from 1980-1984. Me and the other high schoolers who normally worked the candy counter and took tickets all helped with the renovation/twinning. It was actually twinned in 1983. We did a lot of the tearing out of the old material and we put up the sheet rock on the two outer walls. I found a petrified rat on the old gym floor that ended up on someone’s pillow in a dorm room in New Haven.

The manager at the time we twinned it was Ed Marcolini of Saybrook. He took over from the old manager, Dudley Warnes, also of Saybrook. Dudley was in his 80s when I started working there. In 1982 Dudley became ill and Ed moved over from Saybrook Theatre as manager.

The previous comment is correct. It was Bonoff’s Theatre at one time. I have a postcard from the 1930’s showing the front of the theatre confirming this.