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LeiLei commented about Apple Cinemas on Mar 12, 2005 at 2:05 pm

When I was growing up in Rindge Towers back in the late 70s, we could afford to see movies on our allowance. At that time it was Fresh Pond Cinemas, twin screens, second run movies and $1.50 at all times. That was when Harvard Square was the last stop on the Red Line and you had to catch the 83 Rindge Ave bus (which did not run on Sundays). That part of North Cambridge was pretty isolated. The bridge did not look nearly as stable as it is now. The popular path then, was to enter through Rindge Towers, go through the parking lot, through a hole in the fence, and cross about two sets of commuter rail and Amtrak train tracks. Yes it was extremely dangerous, since there is a lot of high speed traffic, but it was safer than going across that bridge. Sorry to ramble, but I loved that theater.