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  • <p>Road Theatre auditorium in Chicago in 1938</p>
  • <p>December 17, 2017 restoration rendering by Kahler Slater.</p>
  • <p>Derelict HI-WAY OUTDOOR Theatre (Wadsworth, Illinois) concession building, restaurant and second-floor projection tower in 1976.</p>
  • <p>This is a front view of the Barton organ console that was once installed in the Gateway. The organ was 10 ranks, and installed in 1927 as #252</p>
  • <p>October 3, 2016.</p>
  • <p>Grand Opening, April 11th, 1926</p>
  • <p>At opening in 1912.</p>
  • <p>At opening in 1912.</p>
  • <p>“From midnight till the following morn I stand in shadow, just a splotch of white, unnoted by the cleaning crew who’ve spent their hours of toil that I might live again.
               All things I am to everyone … the newsboys, shopgirls, and all starved souls who’ve clutched at life and missed see in my magic face the lowly rise to fame and palaces, see virtue triumph every time and rich and wicked justly flayed.
               Old men are tearful when I show them what they might have been. And others, not so old, bask in the sunshine of my fairy tales.
               The lovers see new ways to woo; and wives see ways to use old brooms.
               Then some there are who watch my changing face to catch new history’s shadow as it falls from day to day.
               And at the noiseless tramp of soldier feet, in time to music of the warring tribes,
               The shadow men across my face seem living with the hope or dread of those who watch them off to wars.
               In sordid substance I am but a sheet, A fabric of some fireproof stuff.
               And yet, in every port where ships can ride, in every nook where there is breath of life, intrepid men face death to catch for me the fleeting phases of the world lest I lose some charming facet of my face.
               And all the masters of all time have thrummed their harps and bowed their violins to fashion melodies that might be played the while I tell my tales.
               O you who hold the mirror up to nature, behold my cosmic scope:
               I am the mirror of the whirling globe.”
               THE SCREEN by Murdock Pemberton (edited)</p>
  • <p>September 13, 1983. (Photo by Sharon Lindy)</p>
  • <p>Photos of the ORPHEUM’s 1922 vertical sign are very rare.</p>