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mattjans commented about Vogue Theatre on Nov 15, 2009 at 5:08 pm

I grew up in Manistee and saw a lot of movies at the Vogue. I remember it closing and re-opening all the time. I was never sure why it couldn’t stay in business b/c it’s the ONLY theater in Manistee, and the only one for 45 min in any direction. Given all the changes to the town over the past decades we’re lucky it’s still around.

I’ve had a fantasy off and on of getting the Vogue registered as a historical building, or figuring out how to get it 5013c status, and expanding its lineup into more (any) indie films. I know if I was summering or wintering in Manistee and nearby areas, I’d hit the Vogue at least once a week if it was playing the newest indie stuff (or even if it showed classical stuff).

I’ve often wondered if Michael Moore would be a logical/helpful connection to have toward that goal, given his connection to Northern MI and support of the film festival in Traverse City.

Anyone interested in such efforts, or anyone who knows about getting historical status for buildings, feel free to email me at