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nfiking commented about East Bridgewater Cinema 5 on Dec 15, 2010 at 6:58 am

In my experience the EB Cinema is the Titanic of movie theatres, it should have been sent to the bottom of the sea years ago. After several disasterous experiences, which included blurry images, filthy gum ridden screens, wrong reels being shown, too much heat, too much cold, etc., I gave up on the place. In general, the conditions were deplorable, I can remember a broken water fountain, which stayed that way for over 2 years!! So, finally I decided to refuse to give them another dime of my hard earned $. This is unfortunate, because I love film and as an EB resident I would love to contribute to a local business. But, it was too much to take, so now I now drive the extra 20 minutes to the Randolph Cinemas, where I experience big, clear screens and terrific sound….and working water fountains!! Clearly Hoyts decided they were not going to spend a dime on the place, hopefully the new ownership had more of a sense of pride.