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ratkat commented about Lincoln Theatre on Jun 19, 2011 at 10:51 am

I have a few good interior photos (RECENTLY TAKEN)of this theater and I am unable to post them as the link is not active when posted.When you move backward not farward is is called retarding.The site functioned so well before it was retarded.I enjoy these old theaters please return to functioning cinemetreasures!!

ratkat commented about RKO Hamilton Theatre on Apr 11, 2011 at 1:32 pm

I spent about four hours inside the theater on 4/9/11.I will add to this blogging site.It now is sporting fresh grafitti inside as well as outside on the fire escape area wall.The lead paint and asbestos haven(no one is interested in acquiring this property for this reason). Noticed some wonderfull unsafe features like the front of the balcony is olny about 1 foot high and there was never a railing there for safety.The stairs to the dressing room are small and steep.The projection booth can olny be entered via a metal ladder there is one on each side of the booth.There are pidgens living in it compleat with nest and eggs.They enter through a open window.Some of the theater seats have ashtrays on the rear near the top how cool!As previous bloggs tell any thing of value grew legs and walked out,brass railings,exit signs gone along with all of the toilets and urinals.The original audio amplifer is in the projection booth it is built into the room on I beams and some electrical meters and dimmers are still intact inside.The switching board for the stage lights is still behind the stage.Some interesting features were included in the theater.There are two large double doors behind the stage one on each side suitable for driving through and exiting the rich and famous.On each side there are 3 booths (no safety rails here either).They each have there own stairs and coat closets,suitable for the upper class to remain exclusive.The rear area has 3 doors in a row and there looks to be a ticket area and a coat room for common people.This makes 3 enterance areas for the theater.This theater after 98 years is still tremendous and one of the most awe inspireing adventures I have taken.It still has the energy it is famous for.Kevin Bradon.

ratkat commented about Showcase Cinema on Apr 21, 2010 at 11:27 am

I am a Oneonta native and remember the Showcase opening on November 20, 1970 showing its a Mad Mad Word.This bit of genuine fact can be verified at the newspaper site “”.The showcase had a lobby almost as large as the theater that was on the left side of the veiwing area.From 1966 till November 20,1970 Oneonta olny had one theater on Chestnut street.K.Bradon.

ratkat commented about RKO Hamilton Theatre on Mar 11, 2010 at 9:29 am

For those in need who go to 31 Chambers Street to veiw the Hamilton RKO shot.This will save some time, its on film #E-1388 section 2078 lot#1.One grainy shot taken from the midway in front of the now C-Town market.Showing retail stores on the first floor.Also on the same film is a good shot of the Bunny theater at 3589 Broadway,with billboards above the building selling beer and cars.I an seeking any information as to what the front Broadway building of the Hamilton was used for there are odd looking lighting fixtures on the third floor remaining.I am a 13 year area resident of the