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rogerpentecost commented about Belmont Drive-In on Apr 11, 2010 at 6:08 pm

Hey Mike ,thanks for the kind words .Hope to see ya soon .Opening weekend went great.Alice in Wonderland and Valentines Day is what we opened with and had great weekend.Thank you to Gaston and surrouning areas for your support.We will at all cost keep BILL and PEGGY’S legacy going with your help.I am honored to contribute my part to keep a family friendly form of ent. in our area,and if we can do half as well as Bill and Peggy ,i think we’ll do just fine .Still got a long road ahead with the medical bills,but things WILL work out.By the way ,stumbled on this site when looking for old retro pics of Bill & Peggy’s Belmont DI, anybody with info let me know we,ll set up contacts.Again looking forward to seeing ya soon@BILL &PEGGY’S BELMONT DRIVE IN!!!!

rogerpentecost commented about Belmont Drive-In on Mar 26, 2010 at 9:45 pm

Thank you everyone for speaking so dearly of Peggy ! Such a tragic and sudden loss for our family. As many of you know this is a very tight knit group and we have all intentions to continue to serve our community with a smile on our face but still a little sadness in our heart.For the last month and a half ,I, Roger my wife Melinda(Peggy’s daughter) the kids and countless friends have been getting the place ready.Fresh coat of paint on the screen(Looks awesome)!!!!We’ve all worked real hard to get the place presentable for your enjoyment !Looking forward to hearing from everyone and SREAD THE WORD: