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rondock commented about Cinedome 70 on Apr 8, 2010 at 10:46 am

Well, I’m that one other person. But unfortunately I’m a person with no real money to spend on such a project. Iâ€\m just a regular working guy with a modest income. But I would be willing to invest the time if you have a way to get the money.

My personal interest is to own and operate a second run $1 theater like they used to have in the Newgate mall. Only in todayâ€\s market it would be more like $2.50 or $3. The intent would be to play relatively new movies, but movies that have already played at the major venues. Plus offering the standard concessions at more reasonable prices with the overall goal of being able to offer a family a night out at the movies for $20 or so.

I remember waiting for the good shows to come to the $1 theater and I think it would work again today.

If you wish to contact me I can be reached at