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rosemkremer commented about Hudson Theatre on Feb 15, 2011 at 3:20 pm

Does anyone know if Lili St.Cyr, Dawn O'Day, or Gypsy Rose Lee performed at the Hudson? I seem to remember their names, but I’m not sure. Thanks for info.

rosemkremer commented about Hudson Theatre on Feb 15, 2011 at 3:16 pm

My mother owned a small apartment building on 38th Street in the next block. My gang and I used to hang outside the stage door on hot summer nights. The door was kept open because there was no air conditioning. The man who sat outside guarding the door used to try and chase us away, but then he got used to us. “Youse kids!” Sometimes he’d get a chocolate bar from the concession stand and give it to us. We could hear the audience laughing at the comedians,but we waited for the boom-chicka,boom-chicka which told us when the strippers were performing. I remember the busloads of servicemen from New York being dropped at the corner, especially the sailors in their white middies and caps. The display cases outside held posters describing the ‘sweet Georgia peach(es)'that were going to perform. The boys in our gang would prance around the sidewalk outside the stage door saying, “Hubba,hubba, ding, ding. Baby, you got everything. My mother had furnished apartments—this was right after the War when there was a housing shortage—and one of her tenants was a beautiful southern girl who sang at the Cardinal Club across the street from the Hudson. Her name was Dorothy—don’t know last name. Also, across the street from the Theater was the local newspaper, The Hudson Dispatch, where my mother placed her apartment ads. The Hudson was a big part of my childhood and I remember it fondly.