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  • <p>That’s Roy Alward and his horse, Scout, making a personal appearance at the Paramount Theatre in Moncton circa 1952  to promote “The Son of Paleface” coming soon to New Brunswick.</p>
  • <p>Back when theatre’s still did Marquees!</p>
  • <p>Original Coronet exterior</p>
  • <p>Exterior of the Fiesta Twin Theatres (later Bay Theatre) in Nanaimo, taken in 1992.</p>
  • <p>Original Capitol theater before Capitol 6</p>
  • <p>Screen #6 as it looked when Capitol 6 opened in 1981. Notice no surround speakers are present, and wall pattern changed over the years.</p>
  • <p>Artistic shot of Capitol 6 as it looked when it opened in 1981.</p>