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stephenalexvasquez commented about Jackson Heights Cinema on May 20, 2010 at 7:06 am

The theater has reopened!

I received a phone call last night from a friend in Jackson Heights, she told me that the Triplex was open, under new management and a lease renewal. I immediately made my way to the theater to greet the owners. Upon arriving I noticed a camera crew interviewing the new owner of the theater, a middle aged Indian man. I approached one of them and expressed my appreciation for their vested interest in trying to restore the theater. He said it was an arduous undertaking, but they renewed the lease for five more years and they are working on making it a landmark. Wink

Reparations and renovations are already underway, (they’ve added carpeting and painted the walls in the lobby) and the theater will have it’s “official opening” this Saturday. I thought this would be of interest to everyone on the forum.

On another note, I am working in conjunction with owner’s son to premiere my film at the theater, we are planning on having a red carpet screening (he’s even willing to close the theater down just for this event). It would be great to have support from the community for this, as it is probably the first time something like this is attempted at the theater. We are thinking June 18.

This has been a childhood dream of mine and now its come true. I get a second chance at screening my first feature film in the theater that cultivated my love for film in the first place.

The name of the film is ‘The Electro Wars'
You can find more information on it here:

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I grew up in Jackson Heights my whole life, I am now 26 years old, and I am still very fond of the neighborhood. The subject matter in the film appeals to a younger demographic, and it has the support from many of them in the community, it would be a great event to bring publicity to the theater, give it a second life. I am actually screening a preview of the film in Amsterdam tomorrow and then in Vegas next week, but there has not been a NYC screening as of yet.