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talentedartist commented about Milgram Theatre on Jan 11, 2005 at 7:27 pm

WANTED:Information…Hello everyone! I live in Virginia and came across this site because Im doing research on this particular theatre. A few years back, I was antiqueing and came across a small ziplock bag that has 35 mint condition (never used)“Stanton Theatre” tickets. These tickets are dated November 16, 1964 and April 10, 1965. Im pretty sure they are tickets to this particular theatre. The company that printed the tickets (in small letters says: Globe Ticket Co. Phila). The tickets come in 5 different colors: Orange, Brown, Dark Grey, Light Grey (almost white), and royal purple. Im curious to know if they are of any value historically…I would think so. They are fascinating! I have noticed the colors seem to pertain to the different sections within the theatre. Some say orchestra (purple), others say first balcony (dark Grey), Loge (Orange)etc. These tickets are 40 years old and I went to the PAB website and saw the pictures of the theatre…stunning is all I can say! It truely is a shame they demolished such a beautiful and historicl theatre. Any information on them, their value, or possibly what I should do with them other than keep them framed would be great! Cheers!