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tross commented about Uptown Theatre on May 29, 2005 at 12:59 pm

So thats all there is for one of the oldest theatres in Toronto.
Thats pretty sad! Where are the photos?
Me thinks more people talked about the theatre than actually saw movies there.
All the historical action was in theatre 1.
If you didnt see a movie in theatre 1, you missed it.

I didnt see alot of movies there, But once I found out about theatre 1, I was hooked.
Because of the huge screen it was the best place to see a action or sci fi flick,
or any type for that matter.
The problem was that most of the time Famous Players like a lot of mainstream theatres just show
Hollywood schlock. I always waited for the decent movies to show up there,
which never happened.

Famous Players toyally mismanaged this theatre for the longest time. They had their plans!

It had one of the largest screens in the downtown
area I think, (if not the whole toronto area) before they started building the big,
bland, multiplexes of recent.

tross commented about Scotiabank Theatre Toronto on May 29, 2005 at 11:40 am

Why is this hunk a junk even listed on here?

As noted by edward…
“From the same company that declined to upgrade and closed the historic Eglinton and Uptown theatres.”

Planning on toronto seems to continue in the path of ripping down anything with a bit of substance to surplaning them with souless condos and peices of crap…like this useless, over priced, theme park suburban like hunk a junk. What a waste of prime downtown real estate.