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vic1665 commented about Janice Theatre on Jan 6, 2007 at 11:09 am

The Janice Theater stood where “Goulds Records” was on the eastside of Main St. very near the corner of Nthrn Blvd. If you have a photo or scan of the eastside of Main St. looking Nth and that shows Gould’s Records, look at the tops of the bldgs, they are the same as the ones in the Janice Theater photo. Interesting stuff. I recently acquired two tickets to the theater on Ebay.

Vic Annaloro Flushing NY

vic1665 commented about RKO Keith's Theatre on Mar 4, 2005 at 3:53 pm

In the previous comment I forgot to mention that National Geographic Mag. included some photo’s of the interior of the Keith’s in an article back in the eighties. V.Annaloro.

vic1665 commented about RKO Keith's Theatre on Mar 4, 2005 at 3:48 pm

RKO Keith’s – God did I love this place! I used to love to throw pennies into the fountain, buy bon-bon’s(.25) & popcorn (15cents buttered)and does anyone remember the bathrooms? The urinals were taller than I was (at 9) and the rest area had upholstered chairs & couches! After climbing one of the two stwys leading to the balcony you could look over the rail at your friends below. As I got older there were many great sunday afternoons spent making out in the balcony. When I had the money we would splurge and sit in the Lodge section. The usher alway’s checked your ticket to see if you were legit. Someone said the went to a R&R show, I attended one in 1959 that had Dion & the Belmont’s. Movies, I saw King Kong here, Demetrious & the Gladiator’s (1954) & after getting married I took my daughter here to see Star Wars. What a great place, so full of peoples memories. May there be a special place in hell for the moron that destroyed it.
V.Annaloro – Flushing