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yrubenstein commented about Flatbush Pavilion on Aug 20, 2004 at 2:22 pm

Between the Marboro UA/Regal Theater and now the Flatbush Pavillion theater it is just terrible that old Screen Gems like these theaters are going out of operation. I remember when the Elgin theater on 8th Avenue in Manhattan became the Performing Arts Space for the Joyce Theater Company. I went to the Elgin when I was a teenager and loved to watch all the Janus movies and 16mm and 35mm classic art pictures from Europe. The Pavillion should be re-opened somehow and it’s audience re-vified…..maybe by showing the “Night of the Living Dead” or a horror “Clone” movie….which has yet to appear on the horizon.

Does anybody a script for the first and foremost “Clone” Horror Movie?

Yehudah Rubenstein