Edwards Big Newport 6

300 Newport Center Drive,
Newport Beach, CA 92660

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Edwards Big Newport 6

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Opened in 1969, with 1,130 seats and a 71-foot screen, this was among the last of the large theatres built in Southern California before the advent of the multi-screen shoeboxes in the early-1970’s. It was the fourth theatre built by the growing Edwards chain and for many years it was considered their flagship.

In the 1970’s and 1980’s, two smaller screens were added on either side of its building, keeping the original auditorium intact.

Edwards' corporate offices were in the second story of one of the newer theatres and anyone who attended a matinee would probably see James Edwards II, the chain’s founder, greeting patrons. He came to work daily until his death at the age of 90.

In 1996, three stadium auditoriums were added to the building but the Big Newport, with its non-stadium seating, has defied trends and still continues to draw crowds. The total seating capacity was for 3,000. The Big Newport has a loyal following of fans who camp out or at least show up for the first day of the big movies.

Edwards Newport Cinemas is now part of Regal Entertainment Group.

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Flix70 on July 21, 2015 at 4:11 pm

Caught “Ant-Man” at the RPX theater today. $15.50 for a matinee before noon. Only one entrance to the big screen now, off to the right. The entrance on the left side is now an enclosed little passage, encompassing the women’s restroom and an employee backroom.

Once you enter the theater, you veer to the right and follow a short passageway around to the newly renovated auditorium. Center aisles are indeed gone, rows stretch from wall to wall now. The seats are of course the leather recliners with the sliding tray tables and all the aisles slope down from the top, each with its own step. Very dark inside. The red velvet curtains have been replaced with blue carpet-like walls. Two big RPX logos are visible on either side of the un-curtained screen.

The new screen seems taller but not as wide as the old. The laser-projected 1.85:1 image looked great on the screen, crystal clear and bursting with color(especially the red Marvel logo at the beginning). I’ll be curious to see how they handle 2.40:1.

Sound was great, Dolby 7.1, no mention of Atmos. They’ve amped up the bass, as my seat rattled throughout the flick.

Overall, a pretty enjoyable experience. I’d definitely return for “The Martian,” “SPECTRE” and “The Force Awakens.” It’s obviously not like it was, and while that is a bit sad, it’s just the way things go these days. At least we have our memories. Keep those old pictures coming, Richie_T.

I added some pictures to the gallery. Keep in mind it was pretty dark in there and I wasn’t using professional equipment. You really have to see it for yourself to appreciate it.

Richie_T on July 21, 2015 at 5:38 pm

Thank you, Flix70! I’ve been so curious about this revamp. I’ll be visiting next weekend to see M:I Rogue Nation. I’ll try to snap some additional shots. Also, I should be receiving new vintage photos soon. Thanks for sharing!

Richie_T on July 21, 2015 at 5:44 pm

One question. From the listing I couldn’t tell if Antman was screening in 3D. Didn’t appear to be. I don’t think they ever offered 3D before in that auditorium because of the old screen. I would imagine they have the capability now with all the new specs. The Chinese Theater has the same projector and 3D looks amazing there. Just curious.

Flix70 on July 22, 2015 at 9:36 am

“Ant-Man” is not screening in 3D. They’ve actually offered 3D for many years on the big screen: “Tron Legacy” and “Gravity” are a couple I can remember seeing in the format. Usually they rotate 3D in every other screening. I found it odd they didn’t offer it for “Ant-Man.” Maybe they didn’t want to scare off patrons for the RPX launch my adding even more fees.

Flix70 on July 23, 2015 at 8:57 am

I see “Pixels” starts tomorrow in both 2D & 3D, but not on the RPX screen.

RobertAlex on July 30, 2015 at 3:32 pm

I finally made it down to see AntMan at the Big N last weekend. First off, hats off to Regal for installing a laser projector, the pic has never looked better there and as Flix stated above, the screen does seem bigger. Also, cheers for keeping it as one auditorium and for not forcing us to watch something in 3D (at least for AntMan).

That is about all the good I can say. All the charm is gone, and when you walk into the auditorium and you are confronted with a huge open white screen; you might as well be in any multiplex usa. The curtains are gone. There does seem to be masking and it appears they kept the common height screen, so at least they got that right.

I really dont want to bag on the theater, I understand that changes had to be made to get butts in the seats. Many times I have been here on an opening night for a popular film and there were like 30 of us in that huge place. I just wish they kept the red curtains and didnt treat the walls as they were carpets with that tacky blue treatment that have up. Also, what is with no Dolby Atmos? The sound is still terrific, but one would think with all the money they spent they could have installed Atmos.

The remodel really makes me appreciate what they did to the Chinese up in Hollywood. I really really wanted to like what they did, but I doubt I will make the trip down to Newport Beach again to check it out for a second time.

Flix70 on August 1, 2015 at 11:48 am

I agree with you about the charm being gone, RobertAlex, but I’d still take it over any other theater in Orange County. Everything here is stadium-style and completely devoid of personality. No more Cinedome; no more South Coast Plaza III. The Chinese and Cinerama Dome are still the best movie palaces in So CA, but since I rarely make it up to L.A., I’ll take what I can get down here.

Richie_T on August 1, 2015 at 8:41 pm

For me, the newly renovated Big Screen did not disappoint. Although I do miss the curtain and can do without the Regal pre show, I really appreciate the extra space and comfort of this modern configuration. It’s the next logical step and feels right for this landmark of cinema. The screen looks amazing and was wide as I remembered it for today’s showing of Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation. Great sound. Good crowd. Long live Edwards Big Newport. The old man would be proud.

RobertAlex on August 2, 2015 at 10:58 am

Hey Flix and Richie, whatever petty reservations I might have about the curtains and the new color of the walls, I am really thrilled that the Big N is packed again on the weekends. last night I looked at Fandango for the evening show and MI 5 was almost sold out. There were like 20 seats left open! So what they did is working, as I never thought i would see a sold out show at this place again.

It is technically a fantastic cinema with one of the best looking pictures i have seen on one of the biggest screens in Southern Calif. If is was not 70 miles each way, I would be there a lot more.

Flix70 on September 24, 2015 at 8:03 am

Looks like the new RPX screen will host its first 3D engagement this weekend with “Everest.” 3D matinee prices are only $1 more ($16.50) with evening shows $19.00.

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