Fantasyland II Theatre

5006 North Grady Avenue,
Tampa, FL 33614

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Fantasyland II Theater

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Adult theatre and book store.

Contributed by Jessica

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FantasyLandTampa on May 2, 2013 at 1:57 pm

Fantasyland is an erotic lifestyle club in Tampa where everyone is welcome. We strive to provide a clean , friendly environment at both our locations. Shop for toys , enjoy our theaters and private social areas or play billiards to meet and mingle with other like minded people.

motorcycleguy999 on August 2, 2016 at 11:50 am

I took my wife there after over hearing a conversation with another couple. After lunch I suggested that we go to a place called Fantasyland II that we had heard about from David the night before.
We found the place in the northern part of Tampa. It was a place that had a few porno theaters, a pool table room, some private rooms, and a shop that sold porno CD’s and paraphernalia. When we got to the place at about 12:30 PM we wound up being the only ones there. I asked the attendant, “When does it get busy?” He replied, “The evenings have a lot more people. Of course couples are free but the single guys have a charge of $17.00.” He went on to explain the layout of the place and left it up to us to explore. We checked out all the rooms and theaters choosing to settle in at the largest theater on a comfortable leather couch. FantasyLand II had two large dark theaters and one large room with two pool tables in the center. This pool room was well lit and had comfortable seating that lined three walls. Certainly an interesting room filled with possibilities for adventurous couples. Now this place is open 24/7 so I thought that Saturday afternoon would be a popular time but only time would tell.
We were in the largest theater examining one of the rooms when I noticed a single man enter the theater and sat down in one of the leather easy chairs. We sat down on a couch next to him and when I lifted Alicia’s dress she protested by saying, “Is this what you had in mind when you brought me here?” I admitted, “This place reminds me of the fun we used to have at Plato’s: the couches, the darkness, the porno movies, etc.” She didn’t protest when I raised her dress to above her waist and began to play with her pussy. The fellow in the chair leaned over trying to get a better look. Just then three more men came in and sat down in chairs and couches in front of us to watch. When I asked the man sitting next to us, “What is your name?” He answered, “Tim.” Now by this time Alicia was very wet between her legs not only because I was playing with her but because there were four men watching her. She was the only woman in the place. I knew she expected to have sex with one or more but she’d have to wait to see how this scenario would play out. Then I asked, “Tim, do you have a condom?” In reality I was asking him if he wanted to fuck Alicia. Tim kind of stuttered when he answered, “No … no … I don’t.” I’m sure Alicia was thinking the same thing, ‘Why do men come here without a condom?’ Later he would confess that he only came here to watch. I continued to play with Alicia while the four of them watched in the dim light until another gentleman came in. He was very savvy and sat down next to us. He was of medium height, a very pleasing face, a little on the heavy side, with grey in his goatee and hair. His roving hands found Alicia’s wet spot so I surrendered my position to him. Not to my surprise he got up, unbuttoned his pants, and exposed a big thick cock. Just like the ones Alicia likes to play with. He was a pretty good looking man and Alicia told me later that she liked his looks because he reminded her of me. Alicia was presented with his cock and she responded by gently jacking him off. That’s when I asked him the question, “Do you have a condom?” He responded, “No, I don’t but I can get one from the front.” Alicia kept up her play with him as he played with her until he came. He had spurted his cum onto Alicia’s stomach and dress. I said to myself, what’s going on around here?
He apologized briefly and said, “Not to worry, I can recover quickly. I’ll just go out and get a condom.”
He left and we waited a few minutes before Alicia said, “I’m going to find a bathroom and clean up.” Actually, I think she went looking for him to find up what the hold up was. After she came back she confessed, “I was going to ask him if he wanted to go to Caliente with us. And I didn’t see him when I went to the bathroom. I think he left.” As she sat back down and I raised her dress again and a black man came over and began to play with her by touching her inner thigh first and then her pussy. He suggested that we continue in one of the rooms in the back. He wanted to have her all to himself, I thought. But we agreed and we followed him through a large room with couches, two pool tables, and a bathroom and into another dark theater with lots of couches and arm chairs. There was also a bed at the foot of the screen for performances but he passed all of those comforts for a small room off to the side. He entered the room first followed by Alicia who knew exactly what was going to happen.
Tim had also followed us and pulled me aside to ask, “Do you think you could open one of the holes in the wall so I could watch. I like to watch.” Knowingly I answered, “Yes, of course I can.” It was one of those glory holes that everyone mentioned as being a kinky part of the experience. By the time I walked into the room I found another guy in the room with the black guy. He turned out to be Peruvian. The Peruvian wasn’t as tall as the black guy but he was much more attractive. Alicia knew what to do and she did it.
She got up on the bed and lay down on her back and then said, “I don’t like the feel of this plastic. Can you go get me one of those blue mats from the car?”
I couldn’t believe what she was asking for. She would let me leave her alone with two strange men for a matt. Of course she was right. Her butt was sticking to the plastic covered mattress and we couldn’t be certain as to how clean it was. I left her there with her dress hiked up to her waist, her legs open, and those two salivating over a naked and willing Alicia. Leaving the small room I told her, “I’ll be back in a few minutes.” I took my time and as it turns out, she told me later, that she talked to both of them while I was gone finding out more about them. When I returned I found the door had been closed, Alicia was still on the bed laying there as I had left her, and her two men were playing with themselves hoping to maintain an erection. After all they had to be ready when called upon to fuck her. She was one of those sure things that horny men seek out and she was one of those women who came here to get fucked by any man. Of course she would never admit it to anyone and never to me. Maybe she hasn’t admitted it to herself yet. I threw the mat on the bed making her get up and resume her position with open naked legs. The black guy grabbed her legs immediately pulling her butt closer to the edge of the bed. He wanted to stand up and fuck her and the bed was at the perfect height for him. It caught Alicia by surprise but he had a condom on and his black cock was as stiff as a board. He put it to her shoving his black cock into her pussy. He held both of her legs in his arms as he kept fucking her in front of the Peruvian and me. He fucked her hard for the next five minutes not wanting to stop until he had his orgasm. That’s when he pulled his cock out of her and slid the condom off throwing it into the garbage can.
The Peruvian already had his condom on and got up on the bed. He was going for the missionary position. Alicia moved back up on the bed in reaction to her new lover’s advances. Alicia opened her legs again for him and he moved between them. I had to admit and Alicia would find out soon enough that he had a big dick. As soon as she had him between her legs he lay down on her and began fucking her. They were cheek to cheek and seemed to enjoy talking to her and later she told me that he kept saying, “Tell me that this is my pussy.” Over and over he would keep repeating it until he was about to climax. He got off of her and repeated the black man’s moves by pulling Alicia butt toward the edge of the bed. He took his condom off and began ejaculating onto her leg and pussy pushing his cock back into her crack and later she confessed that, “I thought that he had put it into my butt hole but it seemed to go in so easy and it didn’t hurt.”
I witnessed his play and was mildly amused that he was making a mess with his cum all over her. The black man had left but another small man had come into the room hoping to get a piece of Alicia. As he applied a condom Alicia slid off of the bed and told me, “I’ve got to go to the bathroom and wash up.” The small man looked disappointed but we left the small room. I waited in the large pool room until Alicia came out of the bathroom. The Peruvian was at the door waiting for her but only because he wanted to use the bathroom again. After looking around for a few minutes we headed back towards Caliente for a nap. A few more people were coming in so I suspected there would be a lot more coming in later. On the way back to Caliente Alicia said, “That was different. It reminded me of Plato’s. The white guy that fucked me was from Peru and he had a big cock.” I asked not sure of what to expect, “Did you have a good time?” She replied, “It was different. Is this what you had in mind when you brought me here?”
I answered, “Well, I knew as much as you did about this place. At least now we know what it is about.” If there was ever a place to come and get fucked then this was it.

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