Hoopeston’s jewel, Lorraine Cinemas shining more brightly

posted by movietheatres on March 23, 2009 at 2:45 pm

HOOPESTON, IL — Lorraine Theatre owner Joshua Caudle followed his dream and moved to the midwest to manage a local theatre. Even with these hard times, he’s still finding ways to attract the community.

The small group came along with the new owner because they agree with his philosophy that it’s the only way to do a renovation: You’ve got to be there to see what needs to be done, that it gets done and know what people want. All of the transplants have been active in the actual renovations.

“I always thought I was really bad with names, but now that there’s not so many people and you see a lot of the same people regularly, it’s not so hard to call people by name and the people here are just so friendly,” Caudle said. “Now, I’m concentrating on presentation, redefining, representing the theater to these people and the whole region.”

Read the full story at the News Gazette.

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