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MontyM commented about Cooper Theatre on Jan 24, 2007 at 8:22 am

Michael Coate

I forgot that Empire opened on Wed May 21st, 1980 and not the 20th. (Thanks for the correction) I do remember, and I was 13 at the time, Empire opened in 70mm.
In 1977 when I seen Star Wars, I did see it in both formats, 35mm and 70mm.
Thanks Monty-Denver.

MontyM commented about Cooper Theatre on Jan 23, 2007 at 3:15 pm

Being a native of Denver and lived here all my life, I am very lucky as a young boy to see a wide variety of films at the Denver Cooper Theater.
The first film I remember seeing at the Cooper in 1974 was
That’s Entertainment! I was eight or nine years old, sitting in the balcony with my mother and was blown away by the experience. The screen was enormous and seemed that it never ended. The sound was coming from all areas of the auditorium. By the way, does anyone know if this presentation was 70mm 6-track? I was too young to know the difference.
Over the years I seen the original Jaws, Lucky Lady, Airport 1975, Silent Movie,
Star Wars (70mm 6-track), Close Encounters (70mm 6-track) the original Alien (70 mm 6-track) the Empire Strikes Back (70mm 6-track) I seen it the first day, first showing at 10:30am May 20th, 1980,
Return of the Jedi (70mm 6-track) it was also showing at the Continental before it caught fire, the Die Hard movies, and many more before we lost it to a Barnes and Noble book store.
I pass by the old Cooper theater site every so often and can’t help but reminisce and remember how lucky I was to be introduced to the world of cinema in such a first class way. By far this was, and will always be my favorite movie theater in Denver.