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Favorite movies: Born in 1974, my love of film began at the tender age of 3, with my attendance in the company of my parents at the initial release of Star Wars at the Chopin Theatre.I remember my mom being asked by theatre management to take me out as I was having a noisy tantrum.So there I went to my granparents. I then remember the one night with me and my mom, after seeing a revival of Mary Poppins and then catching a showing of The Shining at the National.Then me and my uncle seen The Blues Brothers at the Chopin Theatre...I must of seen 100 movies there 1976-1985.Every weekend me and my mom would go to the UA Astoria at about 1pm and stay until 11pm seeing 4 movies more of less...I probably seen almost 1500 movies there from 1983-97.Some of memories here include seeing Al Pacino in Scarface and being scared to death watching Lloyd Kaufmann's Mothers Day...the last movies I remember seeing there (not at that same time though) were American Beauty and End of Days. My mom would take me to the Boulevard theatre and we'd watch Cheech and Chong films, at the age of 9, I had no clue what that funny smell in the theatre was and where all that smoke coming from? later in life I realized that it was all the weed.Then we fast forward to January 16, 2000: that was my first visit to the Commodore Theatre for a showing of Next Friday.I went to that theatre on many more occasions, until its closing in July 2002. I happened to start working at a vending company that sold the Commodore its Fruit Punch and Orange juice concentrate drinks. The last movie ever showed there was Men in Black ran for about a month.

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