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jimwhite commented about RKO Keith's Richmond Hill on Jul 30, 2012 at 12:48 pm

I have been reading all the wonderful things you all have been saying about RH Keith’s and the surrounding neighborhood where I went to HS, 59-63. Unless I missed it I haven’t hear anyone mention the DELIGHT DINER on Jamaica Ave and Lefferts Blvd and Glenn’s Bar, directly across from the Keith’s and Salerno’s. I spent many a night in both!

jimwhite commented about Loew's Hillside Theatre on Jul 26, 2012 at 11:19 am

I remember going to a burlesque show at the Hillside Theatre in the early sixties for a bachelor party thing,the comics were funny, so were the women (older). Also, I L O V E D the Nedick’s on the corner and my first fancy restaurant meal was at McGuinesses – I remember my mother ordered lobster (what the hell was lobster?) My First Communion suit was bought at Robert Hall’s across the street from the Hillside. Later on I would go to the DMV for my drivers license. And of course the Court House for Jury duty.

jimwhite commented about RKO Alden Theatre on Jul 26, 2012 at 10:12 am

Hi, I just found this wonderful site and here’s my story. In June of 1960 upon completion of our freshman year at Richmond Hill HS, my friend Alan Wood and I went to EVERY movie theatre in Jamaica looking for work. Alan was hired but I had to wait until September when I turned 16. We were hired by the manager, Mr. LaRocca. Some of the people who were already working there included HEAD Usher, Jimmy Ward, two lovely old matrons (who loved to drink), Tony Sacco, porter, Malverna, cashier, Patricia, the candy counter girl and an elderly doorman. Alan and I quickly became friends with everyone especially Jimmy Ward who was 18 and could proof us at the local bar ajacent to the 165th St. train station, The Paddock Bar. We continued working there thru graduation in June of 1963. During that time we had our friends/classmates Sonny Spiller, his girl friend Rosann DeGruccio and my almost girl friend, Emma Haines. Being an usher is a lonely job, often times boring after you have seen Gypsy 40 times! So part of the fun was exploring the old vaudville back stage dressing rooms where we would find old movie posters, accounting ledgers with hand written accounts of weekly takes from the different stage shows and films. The stage itself was a wonderful array(?) of electrical switches and ropes for the curtains and scenery. Lastly, if Brooklyn Jim is around, I went to Saint Michael’s in East New York.