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mperju commented about Danforth Music Hall Theatre on Aug 16, 2004 at 4:51 pm

The Music Hall is slated to close (again) on the 31st. of August 2004, due to insifficient attendance. (the previous May closure was due to a loss of insurance coverage due to outstanding repairs) If only the Owner would put any money into the building, people would once againg come and enjoy it. In fact, there looks like the enitr building has had no improvements made to it in the last 30 years… so my guess is the owner is letting it run into the ground. What a shame, especially since this is the last movie palace in the downtown area.

mperju commented about Cinema Banque Scotia Montreal on Aug 10, 2004 at 9:04 pm

Neo, this theater is not dazzling! It is as much of a dissapointment for guests as Paramount Toronto is. This is not a trasure, but more of an akward maze than it’s Toronto sister. Here, you will climb escalators and go around in circles until you get dizzy, just in hope to find your auditorium in the end…

I for one, do not see what gives Mr. Irish the nerve to post this monstosity on this website! It just goes to prove how shameless advertising works within Famous Players, especially after they demolished EVERY single theater that they owned or operated that was a genuine treasure, aspecially the Uptown! Shame on you, Mr. Irish!

PS: After the theft of 12 video projectors used for your preshow ads, I would hardly call your operation here “successfull”. I suppose your underpaid and mistreated staff tried to even the playing field a little! I suppose your natural reaction to this theft is to create a tighter prison camp environment for your allready demoralized staff/ management team.

mperju commented about Scotiabank Theatre Toronto on Aug 10, 2004 at 8:48 pm

Edward, the Uptown’s “sticky floors” are nothing compared to the filth present in the Paramount!

Readers, keep away from the Paramount at all costs!!! There are really frightening substances on all surfaces inside the auditoriums… you need to have the cleaning lights on to notice them! Keep away from the back of the theaters as unfavourable patrons hang out there doing, um… whatever they do best. (Stay away from the back of the auditoriums during midnight shows, as wandering there might create for you a personal safety issue).

Speaking of safety, Famous Players uses extremely poor quality step/ aisle lights. They tend to break off at the edge of the step, and you can notice that many are held on with black duct tape! I have personally witnessed patrons taking 20' tumbles down these steps. Yay to stadium seating!!!

Aside from extremely akward floor planning, few staff do any actual cleaning of the essential pop syrup rooms, or food storage rooms for that matter. This creates a permanent “musty, mouldy” smell throughtout the entire upper lobby/food service area. How enjoyable!!!

If all of the above still make you want to see a movie there, all you have left to hope for is that the film is not scratched and actually is projected on the screen (prior to my last visit, the “booth usher” must have been having fun and bumped the projector which moved slightly and was projecting slightly onto the theater wall). Contrary to lies spread by incompetent theater managers, projectors DO NOT scratch film… untrained staff does!
In case you are still wondering if Famous cares at all, take not of this: they employ four technicians to perform maintenance for the four hundred screens they operate in southern Ontario. This gross understaffing results in problems not being fixed until a theater is rendered completely inoperable… and there goes your famous night out!

mperju commented about Norwest Theatre to be Demolished Next Week on Aug 3, 2004 at 9:09 pm

Neo, if you want pictures, contact the demolition company… before they cut the power… and if you give them something (beer) they won’t refuse.