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XavierDelamare commented about Forum Cinema on Jul 5, 2004 at 8:31 am

I remember precisely seeing movies in this theatre aroud 1965,spending summer holidays in Bath.The frieze of Roman figures gave to the auditorium a classical look.The others movie theatres,Odeon ABC Little theatre were not so beautifull.
I was part of a group of French students and we were always amazed by the audience standing up at the end of the movie while a picture of the Queen was projected on the screen.

XavierDelamare commented about CGR Francais on Jun 17, 2004 at 6:51 am

The only way to keep patrons in 2004 is a cheap ticket policy (5 Euros around 5 dollars) in order to distinguish with the other multiplex.

XavierDelamare commented about Cinéma Gaumont Opéra on May 27, 2004 at 2:14 am

The Paramount Opera which was built on the spot of the Vaudeville theatre and kept his former design till the 50s when a major refurbishing gave a wider sreen and carpeted walls,was not split at the same time ,it began by a new theatre underground in a former rehersal room in the 70s.This 400 club armchairs auditorium was looking like a small Normandie with a fine wooden design.
Then the big auditorium was split in two screens ex balcony 800 seats, ex stalls and mezzanine
1000 seats with a balcony.The 800 seats auditorium burnt a week before the opening.
Later the 1000 seats auditorium was split in two screens and two shops in the same building were converted in two small theatres.
Because of the spliting of big theatres in the neightbourghood a 7th screen was needed and the space of the former thea room in the rotunda became a 92 seats theatre around 1980 part of the design was moved to the ground floor to give an art deco look at the main lobby and the facade is still impressive.In 2004 this multiplexed movie palace has a policy of first run movies and special events,it is owned from the beginning by an American company.
In the 30s the show before the movie was one of the finest in Paris with the Paramount orchetra,chorus line and pipe organ.This organ was destroyed in 1970 some pipes are walled up in concrete.
The lobby of the 800 seats screen is Art Deco and well preserved.
Among the big hits of the Paramount was the C Bde Mille10 commandments in Vistavision for the first time,and i saw most of the Elvis movies around the 60s GI blues,viva las Vegas …A lot of pictures are showing the huge facade with painted adds and patrons queueing on each side for the performance.
Special sceenings for the cinema owners took place in the morning in the50s and 60s.

XavierDelamare commented about Moulin Rouge Theatre on May 25, 2004 at 2:16 am

In 2004 the Paramount opera is still alive but it has now strong rivals with the opening of big multiplex like ugc ciné cité les Halles,Bercy but the 800 stadium seating auditorium (ex balcony) with a wide screen and good sound keep a quality .