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Orange, CA 92667

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DaphneMath on November 26, 2010 at 3:59 pm

I personally know Todd Blood and he is an incredibly gifted human being. He does work insanely hard and perhaps this is a detriment to him as he expects no less from his employees. He is self motivated and a genius in his own right. But just like all humans, he isn’t perfect, none of us are. He is forever creating and I am excited to see what he comes up with next.

ToddCaptainBlood on May 16, 2010 at 9:52 am

The Villa Theater was closed for 9 years. Me and my wife and family worked for two years to get that great little theater opened. We opened with Gone with the wind. Eric and Andrea were our only employees. Eric helped me build the theater while he was on a mission here in Orange. He was from Alaska.

Getting this theater opened was a miracle. We started at .50 a ticket. worked our way to $2 and $3. We went from closed to 3rd run to 2nd run and then 1st run. We broke a 70 year clearance issue in Holly wood by doing this. Nobody ever played with the Cinedome. Ever! Not even the AMC Mainplace Mall. Which we eventually took over.

The best of times were when we ran the theater ourselves and helped co-found the New Port Beach Film Festival. We worked 7 days a week 365 days a year for about 7 years.

Notice there are no complaints in those first ten years. It was after we grew and hired people to do what we had been doing. The customers Loved the CLEAN little theater at a great price that played 1st run movies, no R rated films and ran like a top.

Try it I dare you. Nobody has run a small independent since. Think about it. They can’t even get the Fox Fullerton opened. 25 years so far, millions of dollars and 100’s of people and still not opened. My wife, Larry our kids and I opened Captain Blood’s in 2 years. Then Cathy and I opened 3 more theaters with little to no help and no money.

Thank You, to all the great people that came all those years. Thanks to all the good employees and their parents. (you know who you are)

This was a labor of love and it was great when it ran right. Advice to anybody that is growing a business and doing well. Too big is bad. Always Train Train Train your employees your self. Don’t let anybody hire for you. You have to fire the rotten apples. I fired 1 person in 12 years. Can you imagine that. Only one. I was way too nice. People will lie and steal. They will break your heart. And the public can be evil.

All in all it was the American Dream in action.

Till the leases we up, work mans comp insurance Quadrupled, The Electric company ripped business owners off to cover their butts. Gray Davis runs the state into the ground and 60 to 70 % of all theaters closed that decade. How do you like $12 tickets now. Where can you rent a theater for a $100 nowadays? Nowhere.

We lasted longer than most over ten years.

It makes me sad that I can’t go see a first run movie in any of the 4 theaters we ran. Think about how hard what we did was.

And for the gay guy that hit on my employees that keeps yapping on this site. Don’t be such a coward. I’m easy to find. We should have a talk face to face!

Todd (Captain) Blood

VillageTheaterOrange on July 8, 2009 at 4:06 pm

We are open and booming free movie nights classic july 17th 7 25

ajofresco on April 24, 2009 at 11:49 pm

Looks like the Captain is in need of a job.

CTCrouch on September 12, 2007 at 1:35 am

The theatre is currently (9/07) being remodeled in to a live performance theater by the same ministry that operates the Curtain Call Dinner Theater in Santa Ana, CA. A banner hanging under the original theatre signage advertises “Biblical to Broadway” as the future programming.

Looking in the windows, it appeared they were conducting a major remodel on the venue.

jessicat on February 4, 2007 at 10:16 pm

Hey cmk email me your num at do you know anything about our w-2?s

Chris111 on February 4, 2007 at 2:54 pm

I single handedly kept that mans business running and the only thing i got was a thank you, and it was from his daughter, not him.

Chris111 on February 4, 2007 at 2:53 pm

Heh, i worked for this ape. And ill tell you what, he was horrible at running his business. I went into mainplace with it barely having working lights, barely working restrooms, theatres were horrible, and in a couple months with the help of good hired employees (which was done by none other than me, btw – Zero experience as manager, let alone doing schedules, hiring people, and handling any kind of money) turned the theatre around, well turned it towards something close to a working theatre, only to have it closed down cause poor todd didnt want to pay the rent. This man was soo desperate and fiendish, he went far enough as to try to convince me to take over half his company and become co-owner, granted i gave him 100k dollars. Laff yah right. This man had good, hard working employees ad lost them to do his lazyness. I worked in the course of 3 and a half months, over 800 hours. If not 900+. Sometimes up to 150 hours every 2 weeks, working up to or over 15 hours shifts. I wont lie, 1200 dollar checks @ 8:00 an hour isnt bad, but the toll it took on my body was not worth it. If this guy gets another business and u happen to get hired by him, leave asap.

jessicat on January 26, 2007 at 9:45 pm

As for the ugly floor we did the best we could with that floor I needed a paint job which of course he expected 2 h.s kids a tired college student and a kid with a second job to find the time to paint it while running the theatre ….ALONE he expect the me to give my blood sweat and tears when I was a fulltime student who has to take care of her house duties and her boyfriend (I was a wife basically) and I couldn’t that job hurt my school and my relationship I was tired at school and emotionally unstable in my relationship he was rubbin off on me and I was at times testy with my employees that job killed me I put 40 plus hrs just from thurs to sun and still called in or stopped by on my days off to do shopping or count the money I should have stolen money like he accused me off that job stole my life

jessicat on January 26, 2007 at 9:34 pm

I was a manager at the village I cared about every customer that went to that went to MY theatre :::sigh:::: you just can’t work with that man he was barnone the most abusive and craziest boss I ever had I would work 13hr days an it wasn’t good enough so I quit……I assisted in the downfall of the village…and working under that man made me a horrible person because of all the stress I endured……I wish his daughter melissa the best she is a saint and a hard worker eric his accountant call me I need my w-2 (same number) todd blood was a horibble boss I mean really how many managers work 13hr days at 675hr he stil had the b*lls to call me like 2 weeks after I quit to leave me a mean message on my phone yelling and cursing that drunk better not get near any of the old employee he insulted he went as far as to say my employee was lazy because “fat people are lazy” as he said all his employees did the best they could with the crappy equipment he had ….I apologize for all the bad expiriences but we tried our best we were just beat emotianlly..todd knew his equipment was shitty but he was to cheap to pay to get it fixed and he was a bad pay so no one would come work for him…one of my employees got choked by a mad customer because todd wouldn’t fix his sound systems

egieszl on September 5, 2006 at 11:26 am

I can confirm that Captain Blood’s Village Theatre is officially closed as of Monday, August 28, 2006. The theatre was operating on Friday, August 25 when I drove by, but as of Monday the marquee is empty, box office signage down and all posters have been removed.

madelinedpdl on August 16, 2006 at 6:44 pm

For all of those who hate the “dear” Captain….The official word (as of 8/15/06) is that the theater is closing for good. There is a for sale sign in the window, they are giving away everything inside (even the seats), and good luck trying to catch them open. I never had the….joy? of seeing a movie at Capt. Blood’s. My first experience would have been yesterday, but when I arrived, the theater was dark and there was no one there. I called the number on the sign and was crudely informed that they were not open yesterday (even though they are still publishing times for movies) and i would have to call back DAILY to see what days they were going to TRY to be open. The number I called was listed on the sign as an office number, so I’m fairly certain the rude man on the other end was Todd Blood himself. It would seem to me his judgement day has come. So, sleep easy Bob Lauder, your quest has been fulfilled. And oh yeah…you have WAY too much time on your hands if you form a personal vendetta from ONE movie experience. GET OVER IT – LIFE"S TOO SHORT.

cinema1plus4 on August 11, 2006 at 10:38 am

The theatre is open but still not having working number is bad.
It just tells you your call can not be answered now.
I told this twice over the last 3 weeks.

cinema1plus4 on August 11, 2006 at 10:36 am

The phone number has not worked for 3 weeks now.

Oto on May 25, 2006 at 2:33 pm

I worked for this idiot about 4 hours. This idiot makes 1 single man /woman run the ENTIRE theater by themselves, saving himself of like couple dollars.

Then i got another job @ century theaters (woopti too) but Todd Blood asked me to design him a logo for his website. He asked for hollywood sign w/ hollywood hills but instead saying Captain Bloods.
So i did it, i enlarged the sign a little with the hill sillouette in background—So the letters would be aceptable size on screen. He complained the letters are too big and not real life scale, but if i made them to scale to mountains you would not be able to read them. Either way he had a problem, i mean you cannot satisfy this moron.




papibear on April 2, 2006 at 5:34 am

As noted elsewhere on this site, Todd Blood and his wife have apparently been looking to sell their theatres. I recall visiting the theatre once back in the mid-90s, and it seemed pretty cool from a look around the lobby, but apparently, from Todd Blood’s own comments on this site as well as from others' such as Bob Lauder’s (you go, man!), something went wrong along the way with Todd Blood and his approach to business. I think it takes a special person to run an independent movie theater (especially first run) these days, and from the sound of it, Todd Blood should probably be running a Quizno’s instead of a movie theater, if anything, because he and his wife both seem to have a really belligerent attitude toward others, regardless of their LDS association. And that’s not just toward customers, it’s toward anyone who gives them any sort of resistance or disagreement. Notice Mrs. Blood’s comments about the owner of the Fox Fullerton on that theater’s page here, or Todd Blood’s comments on owning a movie theater from a few years ago in the “Theatre for Sale” thread (owning a movie theater is such a headache you bought 3 more, Todd?). I mean I don’t know what their deal is, but regardless of California labor laws or lawyers or competition from major chains, independent movie theater owners these days can’t afford to alienate what little customer base they are able to gain. Even the big chains are hurting for customers these days. The independent theater owner thus has to be extremely attentive to making the theatergoing experience as pleasurable and memorable as possible for customers, in order to engender repeat business and positive word of mouth.

But Todd Blood apparently doesn’t want to hear such things. He knows everything about the film business and is unwilling to change and gets angry when anyone has the unbridled nerve of desiring a high quality film presentation. Well, okay, folks. Vote with your wallets and your feet then. Like Mr. Lauder said above, it’s a real shame; he could have made many more millions and been cherished by the community instead of abhorred. But I guess as long as the LDS church gets their fair share of loot, who cares what the unwashed moviegoing minions think, right?

Veronica on March 6, 2006 at 1:06 am

After I wrote my comment yesterday, I payed a visit to the captain blood’s in orange, I have to agree its not just the employees its the owner too, maybe hiring better and MORE employees as I stated before would be good. We went to see Curious George and we saw it at 6:30pm,in theatre 2, it was filthy and disgusting. The entire floor was practically covered in trash and popcorn. What is that?! And that lady who said she’s been going there for years and will continue, I bet her house is a mess that’s why ahe can stand it and she must not know what customer service actually is, maybe I should hold a class just for her? Ive been in the customer service buisness for years, and I will tell you it ain’t suppose to be like it’s at captain blood’s!

blauder on March 6, 2006 at 12:44 am

I repeat, “… judging by the amount of complaints in this out of the way corner of the internet, the real number of unhappy customers must be vast and on the rise. It can’t go on forever Todd, at some point you’ll have to face the music … Just being cheap isn’t enough.”

What a shame, this was so unnecesary. You could have made a fortune Todd.
Lack of respect for the consumer and atrocious customer service has killed your dream.

p.s. Be sure and thank Marcus for doing his part.

CTCrouch on March 5, 2006 at 11:23 pm

Blood was evicted from his Irvine location last Spring and recently vacated the Brea theatre (only the Orange and Mainplace theatres remain in the chain). So, I don’t think his chain has been doing all that well.

blauder on March 5, 2006 at 10:57 pm

Well, it’s 15 months later and still no response or tickets from Cap'n Blood. I’ve seen from the posts here that things never change, and my earlier charge that “This guy doesn’t give a flying @?&%* about us, the customers” a year ago still holds true today.

As for Golden_Silence, (Do I smell “Blood”?), eye-rolling Marcus was rude and disrespectful to the point that my normally unflappable wife was ready to fly over the counter and give his eyes a reason to roll around in his head.
He can’t control that?????
Gimme a break!

I’ll happily pay more to have a better experience and get better service. That’s why I go to Lowe’s instead of Home Depot.

At any rate, we’re leaving the Golden State permanently in about a week.
However, this is not good news for Mr. Blood.
Since we’ve apparently been ignored, blown off and disregarded as just a few more of Mr. Blood’s ungrateful, stupid customers, I’m really pissed now. So I’ll continue to pursue this matter until Todd Blood does something to fix the problems inherent in his company’s structure. I leave behind dozens of friends who feel as I do and who are spreading the word about this chain.
If I ran my business as he does, I’d have been bankrupt years ago. Fortunately for him, he has a seemingly endless supply of the uninformed that keep coming to this theatre. But, judging by the amount of complaints in this out of the way corner of the internet, the real number of unhappy customers must be vast and on the rise. It can’t go on forever Todd, at some point you’ll have to face the music.
So why not just do the right thing now and fix it!
If people had a good experience, in a couple of years you’d be selling out. People are grateful for a good thing, they return and they tell their friends, and business increases. What a concept!! That’s how I’ve built my business. Try it.

Just being cheap isn’t enough.

I’ll be back.

Veronica on March 5, 2006 at 4:46 pm

I love Captain Blood’s Village Theatre, but unforunately the employees are not customer service friendly, and even one of them looks like she hasn’t took a shower in years. One day we went early for a show about ½ hour before start time of that particular movie and they had closed early, probably because the employee’s didn’t want to stay open until that movie was over. Do the owners' know that goes on? I hope they hire new more capable people of running their buisness and not scaring it away to the bigger chains.

eaze323 on October 28, 2005 at 1:09 am

If you folks all cry about the theatre… don’t go there. who the heck whines about missing the end of the credits in a movie. I’ve been going to Captain Blood’s for years with my friends and family and have always had a good time. If you don’t like it, go pay 10 dollars a ticket somewhere else. I actually appreciate the low prices at Captain Blood’s. And please don’t blame the employees for things they can’t control. There’s been times when i have been there when there was only 1 employee working and they sold tickets, concessions, cleaned theatres, and started movies. All while making sure the customers were always helped. I believe they try as hard as they can to make sure everybody has a good time. I love this theatre and will continue to support it for as long as i live in Orange County.

blauder on October 16, 2005 at 12:40 am

Obviously, nothing ever changes there. Todd Blood doesn’t care about anyone but himself, AND, he’s too cowardly to comment in this forum. If this guy is LDS, he sure doesn’t show it. I’ve worked with LDS folks for years. Their checks never bounce and if something is wrong, they do their best to right it. There is a moral balance that doesn’t seem to be present here.

Relating to my post of March 31, 2005, I still haven’t received my promised 3 tickets. So folks, I think it’s time someone got a spanking or a timeout. As I always say, “Spare the rod, spoil the thankless theatre owner.” The only thing we can do is to not go to this theatre, or any other Captain Blood theatre, until Toddy boy gets his customer service poop together.

Oh yes, and don’t forget kiddies, tell EVERYONE you know, unless they’re masochists, and don’t like a decent movie experience.

-On my own special “Mission”

ajofresco on October 16, 2005 at 12:00 am

A friend and I went to the 8:45pm showing of “Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit” at Captain Blood’s in Orange tonight. The film stopped abruptly halfway through the credits and the house lights came on. Ordinarily this would be no big deal, except that a couple of the movie reviews mentioned there was a funny Humane Society bit following the credits, so of course we were expecting to see it.

We went out to the lobby and told one of the employees that the movie ended early. She said we saw the whole movie; we only missed the credits. I explained there was a bit after the credits, so she told us to go back in the theater and they’d try to fix it.

After waiting for several minutes, they told us the film had played all the way to the end while we were out in the lobby, so there was nothing they could do. All we got was a “sorry, have a nice night” — but no offer to reimburse us for our incomplete viewing experience. I would have appreciated a pass or something so I could come back and see how the movie ended.

My experience is similar to what other people have posted here: mainly, employees who don’t care whether their patrons are completely satisfied with their movie-going experience.

What a shame that a theater with such great potential is being managed this way.

liplash on August 5, 2005 at 10:46 pm

Kurtster: LDS= Latter Day Saints. Yes that is EXACTLY what it means. Gotta love love The Mormons