• September 28, 2005

    New York’s Strand Theater

    Wonderful site! Enjoying all comments & news!

    I have a special interest in the (now demolished) Strand Theater in NYC. My grandmother I never knew was the organist & orchestra leader there in the era of silent movies.

    I have her ivory baton, dark hair, jowls, & odd sense of humor (I’ve been told). I also have small black/white pictures of her dancing Isadora Duncan-style with her flapper friends in the countryside.

    Could anyone direct me to possible brochures, flyers or ads from the Strand during that era? I would greatly appreciate it.

    ~ Bess' Girl

  • September 20, 2005

    Granada Theater, Windsor rd., Slough Berkshire

    My wife Sharon, worked as the projectionist at the Granada Theater, Windsor rd., Slough Berkshire 1977 to 1980. She had recovered a portion of a mural of dancing ladies (24ft. by 3ft.) that had adorned the area above the screen during the renovations to convert the single screen theater to a triple. There was more to the mural, Sharon had described the missing portion as horseman on parade? Does anyone remember this place?

  • September 12, 2005

    China Giveaway?

    I just finished reading this great book called “The Nabes: Toronto’s Wonderful Neighbourhood Movie Houses” by John Sebert.

    In it, he explained that some small movie theatres would give away items to the ladies instead of advertising. The example that he used was “Rosey Bower” dishes. I have not been able to find this pattern, but have found two Rose Bower patterns, one by Sebring and one by Norleans.

    Does anyone know if either of these are the correct one, or do I have to keep looking? Any help would be appreciated.

  • September 2, 2005

    “Before” Photos Of Trylon Theater

    And, today, we’re bringing you “before” shots of the Trylon Theater from Michael Perlman. Thanks again, Michael!

  • August 30, 2005

    Seeking Information About Ann Arbor Movie Theaters

    Laura Wallace asks:

    Hello! I hope you may be able to help me.

    My fraternal grandmother, Cecilia Brahm, sang in an Ann Arbor movie theater approximately from 1910 – 1915. She was accompanied on the piano/organ by Ms. Allie Tice. I am looking for more specific information if there are any records from this time.

    Being totally optimistic, I would like to obtain some memorabilia that may advertise their performances. Note of interest: Cecilia Brahm’s uncle was composer Johannes Brahms.

    I hope someone can help with my search. Thank you so very much!!

    Laura Wallace

  • August 29, 2005

    South Carolina’s Single Screen Movie Theatres

    We have made great progress listing the old single screen movie theatres of South Carolina at

    Included are photographs and stories from people who remember the fun they had going to their local theatre. We invite all users of to drop in and enjoy.

    Comments are always welcome.

  • August 19, 2005

    Fairyland And Dreamland Theatres

    LONG BEACH, CA — I’m looking for information on the Fairyland and Dreamland theatres.

    I own the pipe organ from the Fairyland. Any info would be appreciated.

    John ()

  • August 17, 2005

    Heaven’s Gate Memories And Theater Info

    I would love to hear anyone’s stories and incidents about Heaven’s Gate (regardless of the original release in New York or the cut release).

    The details that I gather will be presented on my homemade commentary for Heaven’s Gate that will eventually show up on Renengade commentaires web site.

    Also, if you have any sources for interview’s about Heaven’s Gate from the actors (then or now), I would love to know that info also. I will give everyone credit for their stories. I have a long time to fill and would love to get as many stories about this films playing in the theaters and the reaction that it recieved.

    Also, on a personal note, I would love to know if anyone knows what happened to the aledged Ultra Panavision 70 mm prints that were advertised right before the release in ads in the New York Times.

    Did these prints actually exist???

  • August 3, 2005

    Jonah In Jeopardy

    This is a long shot…but any info would be appreciated.

    In 1981, Quintet Productions put out a Book and Sing A Long tape called “Jonah in Jeopardy”. My parents purchased a copy while we were attending a Marionette play at the Promised Valley Playhouse.

    My father went to a lot of work to make a puppet theater, and my mom made puppets and we put on a puppet show for family and friends that went a long with the tape. (It has really cute songs by Ron Simpson and Clive Romney, Pictures by Pat Hoggan, Story told by Barbara Slaymaker and Marian Garnder, Marionettes for live production by Lynn Anne Richards).

    Anyways, I have inherited the theater, the puppets, and the book. Somehow along the way the tape disappeared. I am looking for a way to get a hold of a copy, additional works, etc. I am pretty sure it was a Utah based company… but could be wrong.

    Any help or ideas where to look would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Kim

  • July 27, 2005

    Hippodrome, Cleveland, 1930’s

    Does anyone know if there was a bowling alley under the Hippodrome Theatre in Cleveland around 1938? I need to know exactly where it was located if possible and how did you enter the building. Was the entry off the alley that ran alongside the building? Thanks.