• September 10, 2007

    Historic Granada Theatre gets new life

    THE DALLES, OR — Dormant no more, construction will begin next May on the Granada Theatre so it can be used for concerts and meetings.

    1 of the first movie theaters west of the Mississippi River to show talking pictures has been silenced for almost five years.

    But the historic Granada theater in The Dalles — which dates to 1929 and is on the National Register of Historic Place — is getting a second chance.

    A tourism company has bought the building to use as a venue for seminars and acoustic concerts, as well as a tasting room for local wineries.

    You can read the full article at KTVZ.

  • September 7, 2007

    Bryn Mawr lives on

    BRYN MAWR, PA — Inspiring story of one woman’s project of turning an endangered theater into a local film institute.

    Like so many art-house pioneers — those perpetually optimistic souls who devote their lives to the restoration and preservation of institutions and cherish the notion that cinema should go beyond the big-budget sequel — Juliet Goodfriend said she never imagined that she would one day found and lead a film institute. In many ways, it was a mission that chose her.

    Seven years ago, Ms. Goodfriend was sitting on the Board of Trustees at Bryn Mawr College, located just west of Philadelphia, when she began hearing rumors that the local downtown movie theater was about to be sold to a developer who wanted to turn it into a fitness center. She was immediately mortified by the prospect of losing this Bryn Mawr landmark, an old-time movie palace that served nearly 30,000 students and even more year-round residents as an anchor in the downtown business district.

    For more, read the New York Sun.

  • August 31, 2007

    Kansas City’s Screenland owner buys Armour Theater

    The wheels are in motion for the Armour Theater to reopen and show films.

    Local cinema owner Butch Rigby plans to buy and renovate the Armour Theatre Building in North Kansas City, which also has been known as the Paradise Theatre and the Northland Opry.

    Under an agreement approved by the North Kansas City Council, Rigby will buy the single-screen theater at 408 Armour Road and adjacent two-story properties, which are part of the theater building, for $600,000.

    Rigby, operator of the Screenland Crossroads Theatre at 17th and Washington streets and owner of the Screenland Granada in Kansas City, Kan., said Wednesday that he would restore the building, which the city has owned since 2005.

    Read the full story in the Kansas City Star.

  • August 2, 2007

    Momence Theatre renovation begins

    MOMENCE, IL — This small bordertown on the Kankakee River has a stage and screen that have been silent for over 30 years. The Moemence Theatre Friends was founded in November of 2005. To date they have raised $100,000.00.

    In July of ‘06, the purchase was completed of the building which consists of a theatre, apartment and two retail stores.

    In addition to the fundraising, they have brought shows into town as well as film festivals with events being held in other spaces in the community.

    Want to know more? Call 815-549-4175

  • July 17, 2007

    Fairborn Performing Arts & Cultural Center to begin Master Planning process

    FAIRBORN, OH — The Fairborn Performing Arts & Cultural Center has contracted with Hardlines Design Co. to begin master planning services for the Fairborn Theatre. The 1948 Art Moderne theatre will be converted back to its original single screen and stage configuration.

    The theatre will be a cultural arts destination for Greene County and surrounding communities. The theatre will be home to local and touring productions, classic and silent movies, art galleries, classrooms and meeting spaces.

    Potential users of the theatre are asked to contact Jon Flynn at 937-469-1691 or through to participate in the master planning process.

    (Thanks to Jon Flynn at the Fairborn Performing Arts & Cultural Center for providing the drawing.)

  • July 6, 2007

    Majestic Crest interiors

    As a photographic artist, I recently I completed a labor of love – a photo shoot of the wonderful murals and interior of the Westwood Crest Theatre, on Westwood Boulevard in Los Angeles.

    The owner kindly allowed me to set up in their with all the lights and blacklights. The first round of slides is at the Theatre website then click in Special Events, then on the link to Majestic Crest Pictures.

    Or you can go directly to the slideshow at my site James Gordon Gallery or the web page version of the same images.

    I plan to add more shots of different angle and more details of the murals. Note, these images are not for sale or distribution.

  • July 3, 2007

    Lebowsky Center to be rebuilt!

    OWOSSO, MI — The Owosso Community Players' Board of Directors have decided to rebuilt the fire gutted and now partially demolished Lebowsky Center. The theater was gutted by a fire blamed on arson on February 13.

    At the press conference held Wednesday, June 27, OCP President John Morovitz said the group will go ahead with Phase One of the rebuilding which involves demolishing unusable parts of the theater, cleanup, building new exteriors walls, a new roof, a n ew rooftop heating unit, basic lighting, restoration of electrical systems, new exterior doors along Park Street and replacing damaged portions of the adjacent Hoddy Building.

    OCP officials hope to recycle some of the bricks salvaged during the demolition for use in reconstructing the wall along Park Street. Phase One rebuilding costs are estimated at $476,000, all but $100,000 covered by insurance. The OCP will launch a fundraising campaign to raise the $100,000.

  • New heating and a/c for Rhode

    KENOSHA, WI Lakeside Players Inc., thanks to the city of Kenosha and Mayor John Antaramian for the much needed funding, are currently renovating the heating & air conditioning at the Rhode Opera House. Lakeside Players are currently installing a brand new system that should be completed just in time for the start of the 2007-08 season!

    The system is using much of the original ductwork from the original 1927 heating and cooling system. The original blower fan will be used as well. Unfortunately the original heating and cooling system was too far gone to restore, so a new, energy efficient system is being installed. However, these upgrades will be done without any further damage to the classic building. It should also mean more regulated temps year round in the facility.

  • June 26, 2007

    Decorative painting free

    Decorative Painting Apprenticeship Program (DPAP) is an organization devoted to restoring or painting new, interior decorative finishes while at the same time training students by nationally and internationally known artisans that are masters in there trade/art. We welcome theaters and are experienced in theater re-paints. We can save you tens of thousands of dollars in labor.

    If you have a building or just want more info, please go to our web site or also here.

  • June 22, 2007

    Help for Arcadia Theater

    TEMPLE, TX — I am a Temple resident and want to speak with someone concerning the Arcadia Theatre and the adjoining Hawn Motel. I have been by this location recently and it is not being renovated! This is a historical piece of Temples' history that does not deserve to rot and be forgotten as I believe has already happened!

    I on the otherhand have a spectacular vision of what it could be and also help boost the economy of Temple and restore a piece of Texas history!

    If anyone has any information or know the person I need to speak with please .