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Name Location Status Added
Ryde Theatre Ryde Theatre Ryde, United Kingdom Closed Nov 9, 2023
The Last Picture House The Last Picture House Davenport, IA, United States Closed Oct 24, 2023
20th Century Theatre 20th Century Theatre London, United Kingdom Closed Oct 5, 2023
Big Cinema Big Cinema Zlin, Czech Republic Closed Aug 29, 2023
Krikorian Premiere Theatres Krikorian Premiere Theatres Menifee, CA, United States Closed Aug 20, 2023
Kino Fala Kino Fala Giżycko, Poland Closed Jun 26, 2023
Dixie Theatre Dixie Theatre Goldthwaite, TX, United States Open Nov 10, 2022
Adam Smith Theatre Adam Smith Theatre Kirkcaldy, United Kingdom Closed Oct 14, 2022
Tonawama Theatre Tonawama Theatre Burns, OR, United States Closed Sep 18, 2022
Orangea Orangea Draveil, France Closed Jul 5, 2022
Lyric Theatre Lyric Theatre Rock Falls, IL, United States Closed Mar 10, 2022
Wallenstein Theatre Wallenstein Theatre Moses Lake, WA, United States Closed Dec 1, 2021
Pulliam Community Building Pulliam Community Building Loveland, CO, United States Closed Nov 8, 2021
Omni Theater Omni Theater Fort Worth, TX, United States Closed Sep 20, 2021
Tooga Theatre Tooga Theatre Summerville, GA, United States Closed Jul 9, 2021
Barpy Teatr Barpy Teatr Jalal Abad Oblast, Kyrgyzstan Open Jun 2, 2021
Icenima Icenima Swaffham, United Kingdom Closed Apr 20, 2021
Micro-Cinema Micro-Cinema Charlotte, NC, United States Open Feb 3, 2021
Lyceum Theatre Lyceum Theatre Shanghai, China Closed Jan 17, 2021
IOOF Hall and Bladen Opera House IOOF Hall and Bladen Opera House Bladen, NE, United States Closed Aug 7, 2020
Cinema Bonaparte Cinema Bonaparte Paris, France Closed May 28, 2020
J.L. Bedsole IMAX Theater J.L. Bedsole IMAX Theater Mobile, AL, United States Open May 25, 2020
Regal UA High Ridge 8 Regal UA High Ridge 8 Albuquerque, NM, United States Closed May 21, 2020
Theatre Royal Theatre Royal Timaru, New Zealand Closed Mar 28, 2020
Rialto Villages Town Square Theatre Rialto Villages Town Square Theatre Lady Lake, FL, United States Closed Mar 21, 2020
Uptown Theater Uptown Theater Strong City, KS, United States Closed Mar 11, 2020
Opera House Opera House Geary, OK, United States Closed Dec 18, 2019
Cinema Orchidea d'Essai Cinema Orchidea d'Essai Milan, Italy Closed Oct 6, 2019
Cinemas Raly Cinemas Raly Monterrey, Mexico Open Sep 7, 2019
1905 Opera House 1905 Opera House Wessington Springs, SD, United States Closed Oct 28, 2018