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posted by Ross Melnick on November 27, 2002 at 9:16 am

Beginning today, we are temporarily not accepting any additional photo submissions, which means you will not be able to use our Add-a-Photo! feature.

Esssentially, we’ve become victims of our own success! Since launching our site, we’ve received over 1800 photo submissions, with literally thousands and thousands of images. Given our current photo system, it has become virtually impossible for us to accept any additional photos.

Thus, we are now working on developing a new photo system; one that will not only allow us to handle more images, but one that will also offer additional features (multiple images per theater, improved browsing tools, etc.).

While we are not accepting photos submissions at this time, our Add-A-Theater section will continue to operate without interruption, so feel free to add your favorite theaters, and we’ll post them as they come in.

As well, thanks to everyone who has submitted a photo to Cinema Treasures during the past two years! This site would not be what it is today without your help.

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