More Info on the Avenal Theatre Fire

posted by tomdelay on November 12, 2003 at 8:29 am

AVENAL, CA — The Fresno Bee has more information about the fallout from Saturday’s fire at the Avenal Theatre. According to the article, the fire damaged and/or destroyed a total of eight businesses in the downtown Avenal area, totalling at least $1 million in damage. [uPDATE: another report from local TV station indicates that Avenal city leaders have voted to rebuild the theater.]

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Jonperter on March 14, 2018 at 7:50 pm

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Anna23 on April 24, 2018 at 3:43 am

We know that life in space is both dangerous and difficult. But for the hero of Everspace , the debut project of the studio ROCKFISH Games , constant pain and death among the stars – not news and not scary. After all, he is a clone who plays the cosmic “bagel”.

Indeed, we have pure water “Rogalik” in space “– with its peculiarities and some reservations, of course. The role of the dungeons is played by starry sectors, not broken into floors, but into several systems with their own planets, a set of enemies, stations and so on-all this, of course, is generated randomly.

We in these sectors-dungeons are engaged in the usual for all the fun with elements of “bagel” things – we fight with enemies that come in waves, we collect resources, we do not copy experience, it’s true, but we try to survive in every possible way. Did not survive – everything, start again. That is, you are again in the very first sector, but with slightly differently generated systems and conditions.

After learning a certain improvement, you can go back to your dead carcass (more precisely, to the wreckage fragments) to pick up the lost junk, but until then after each death you will have only the accumulated money, but everything else that is acquired during the failed attempt excessive work, is lost. And this is the different resources needed to repair ship systems and to create items, and valuable things like new “guns” and sensors (they are installed on the go), and all sorts of shield amplifiers.

Money should be spent immediately – you can not patiently accumulate them between attempts, because the purse is reset every time you leave the hangar. If there is a lot of finance, you can buy a new ship. In addition to the standard universal prime mover, there are two more classes – fast and fragile (actually an analogue of a thief), which can teleport and hide, as well as powerful and slow (“tank”, respectively).

However, with the ship issued by default it is possible to become a very strong pilot. First, money is also spent on learning new elements and skills that increase the damage, the chance of a critical hit, the speed, the survivability of the hull, the efficiency of the hyperdrive, add new cells for consumables, allow you to extract more resources and coins, and so on. Secondly, the star is still allowed to put different amplifications, subroutines and glyphs.

Another thing is that all this will take a lot of time and effort. Even at the usual level of difficulty, they kill quickly, and even at the easiest transition to the second sector, you can be met with joyful shots by a crowd of enemies accompanying a large destroyer – in the initial stages of the chances of surviving in such a situation is practically nonexistent. Yes, and periodically come across especially strong, skull-marked enemies and “bosses.”

Hyper-jump is allowed to be done even with a lack of fuel, but this can end tragically, if not “pump through” the appropriate skill.

Therefore, it takes quite a long time to start again, patiently learn new “features” and skills, gradually becoming slightly stronger. But you still want to do and try number five, and number ten, then to show everyone where the crayfish winter in the space …

The above is quite typical for almost any such entertainment. But here it must be taken into account that all this in Everspace unfolds in the entourage of a very beautiful cosmosima in the spirit of Freelancer , Descent and Elite: Dangerous .

We fly among the expressive wreckage of the lost ships or inside the huge asteroids, where once there were colonies and where now there is something to profit, we shoot small asteroids on ore and other useful minerals, periodically we meet merchants, service or again trading stations. Hack beacons to scan the environment and understand where everything is hidden. And, of course, we try not to anger the local law enforcement officers patrolling the sector, so that all their ships and stations do not attack us.

And all this – in the light of stars or in sparkling nebulae, against the backdrop of huge rings of some local Saturn or black hole, in which, if too close, you can immediately disappear. In general, it is really very beautiful, epic and with a sense of real cosmic romance.

Yes, and with a very interesting story, designed to shed light on what happened to our main character. He communicates with his partner, the AI ​​of the ship, periodically sees strange memories, finds out that he is a clone, meets old friends, and now enemies. Intrigue, in other words, enough. “Lor” too worked well: the local code is constantly updated with new information about the factions, characters, locations and events unfolding in the world of Everspace .

It is clear that many things, familiar to the genre of Elite-like kizi games, are not here. You can not chat with the same traders or go to the bar in the bar to take the job, there is no news tape reporting that the race of some talking frogs has declared war on reasonable stones, there are no reports of changes in prices for certain goods, where and what it is more profitable to sell and where to buy. Trade in general is extremely primitive. And all the quests are reduced to tests like “save for trying 5 000 credits” or “kill 10 ships of such and such a race.” Which, however, is more than usual for “bagels”, and for many cosmosima too …

In terms of control and features of the ship’s behavior, about any comparison with the same Elite: Dangerous , of course, there can be no question – here is the closest Freelancer, although in Everspace more dynamics, in battles much decide the dodge, and in general it is such a space shooter. Although not primitive: there is fuel and energy consumption, the ability to include afterburner, move in six planes, switch between different types of weapons, sharpened to their task – to demolish shields first, for example.

As a result, this is the combination of a severe roguelike action and light cosmosimple with some blotches of Elite-like games that gives really very intense, fresh and strong emotions. At the same time, ROCKFISH Games has preserved both painful addiction, the fascination of “roguelike” entertainment, and the atmosphere of an interesting space saga.

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