Update on Portage Park Theatre

posted by Patrick Crowley on November 19, 2003 at 10:37 am

Paul Warshauer, the new owner of the Portage Park Theatre, sent in this update about what’s happening at the Portage Park:

“Now the City of Chicago wants us to install an emergency generator to back up the two other systems we spend lots of money to replace. It never ends! The landlord refuses to install it but eventually he will be forced to if the theatre is ever to open. Still we wait and have no revenue coming in…no ticket sales, no concession sales. We cannot last forever here.

We will go to court in December and tell the judge the truth but it is costly. The concession kids were doing a training on the new popcorn machine. No one was selling anything. The Department of Revenue busrt in like FBI agents and scared the crap out of them and issued the manager a ticket! The Revenuers are like locusts… anywhere they see a dime they want five cents!

We may never open as we are almost out of money but we will go down fighting. Help? (773) 202-1010 x3."

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