The Reel Cinerama Film Festival Begins Tonight!!!

posted by Ross Melnick on February 28, 2003 at 10:56 am

SEATTLE, WA — Lucky Seattle-area residents can be the first to see a newly restored print of the last 3-strip Cinerama film, “How The West Was Won” at the Seattle Cinerama Theatre. In addition to HTWWW, the festival, which is being sponsored by Paul Allen’s Vulcan, Inc., will also be showing the following Cinerama films:

  • Fri, 2/28: How The West Was Won – 7:00pm
  • Sat, 3/1: How The West Was Won – 10:00am, 2:00pm, 7:30pm
  • Sun, 3/2: Search For Paradise – 11:00am, 2:00pm, 7:30pm
  • Mon, 3/3: Windjammer – 11:00am, 2:00pm, 7:30pm
  • Tue, ¾: This is Cinerama – 11:00am, 2:00pm, 7:30pm
  • Wed, 3/5: This is Cinerama – 11:00am, 2:00pm, 7:30pm
  • Thu, 3/6: How The West Was Won – 2:00pm, 7:30pm

“Search For Paradise” and the Cinemiracle film, “Windjammer” are “historic” prints which have not yet been preserved.

This is a festival not to be missed!

Visit the Seattle Cinerama website
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Read the Seattle Post-Intelligencer article

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