Don’t Miss Tonight’s Fox Fullerton Meeting!

posted by Patrick Crowley on October 19, 2004 at 9:31 am

FULLERTON, CA — The Fullerton Historic Theatre Foundation is planning is having an emergency meeting tonight at 7pm. The meeting will be held at Fullerton City Hall, where the City Redevelopment Agency will be meeting to address the Fox Theatre’s future.

For more information, read the foundation’s email alert:

FOX COUNTDOWN: 14 Days left to Save the Fox!


Our regular Community Update/Volunteer Meeting scheduled for October 19 will be changed somewhat due to a City Redevelopment Agency meeting addressing the Fox Theatre scheduled on the same day.

We will meet at City Hall at 7 P.M. for a quick huddle and then attend the proceedings, adjourning to our 131 W. Commonwealth office afterwards. While we mainly need to show support by the number of people attending, there will be an opportunity to speak at the meeting, so please let the Foundation know if you have something to say so we can coordinate our comments.

The City’s Redevelopment Agency will decide whether to sign an agreement with our Foundation to transfer ownership of the Fox Complex from the Agency to our Foundation. This follows the successful vote at the last meeting to allow the Agency a Purchase Option from the Morgan Group.

This is an important meeting to attend and we encourage all supporters to turn out so the Redevelopment Agency can see that the community is wholeheartedly in favor of saving the Fox.

Please also save the date for the next council meeting of November 2; details to follow.


We have raised over half a million dollars for the Fox in a very short amount of time, but in order to reach our goal by November 1st, we must at least DOUBLE our fundraising efforts. We know that many donors have given to the very extent of their ability, but if everyone who has made a pledge or donation would consider doubling their gift OR FINDING A FEW FRIENDS OR

It would be a shame to give up now when we’re so close!

On other fundraising fronts, we had a huge response to our last direct mail piece, so this week we are launching another one, as well as large ads in the LA Times, Register, Hollywood Reporter, Variety, and the Pennysaver.

For pledges, you may fax them to (714) 870-5123 and then send the original to: PO Box 6753 Fullerton, CA 92834

Or drop it by our office: Monday-Friday 10am-3pm
131 W. Commonwealth Ave.,
betw. Harbor and Malden, directly across from Steamer’s


We are planning one last public event before our deadline – details to be announced


We recently taped a series of segments for Prime Story, which can be seen on these Adelphia/Time Warner stations this week only. It includes our popular “The Fox: A Virtual Tour” – tell your friends!

Anaheim Ch. 10 Tues 6:30 & 10:30pm; Wed & Thurs 7 & 10pm; Fridays 7pm; Sat & Sun 10am & 7pm
Anaheim Hills Ch. 10 Tues 6:30 & 10:30pm; Wed & Thurs 7 & 10pm; Fridays 7pm; Sat & Sun 10am & 7pm
Brea Ch. 10 Tuesdays 6:30 & 10:30 pm, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays 6 & 10pm
Buena Park Ch. 10 Mondays 4pm & Tuesdays 8pm
Fullerton Ch. 53 Mondays 4pm & Tuesdays 8pm
Garden Grove Ch. 3 Tuesday 11:30am & 5:00pm
La Habra/and Heights Ch. 10 Tuesdays 6:30 & 10:30 pm, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays 6 & 10pm
Newport Beach Ch. 3 Mondays & Tuesdays 4pm and Thursdays 7pm
Placentia Ch. 3 Mondays 4pm & Tuesdays 8pm
Santa Ana Ch. 3 Mondays 4pm & Tuesdays 8pm
Villa Park Ch. 10 Tues 6:30 & 10:30pm; Wed & Thurs 7 & 10pm; Fridays 7pm; Sat & Sun 10am & 7pm
Yorba Linda Ch. 10 Tues 6:30 & 10:30pm; Wed & Thurs 7 & 10pm; Fridays 7pm; Sat & Sun 10am & 7pm
Huntington Beach, Garden Grove, Westminster, Fountain Valley, Stanton, Los Alamitos, Rossmoor, Midway City and portions of Cypress: Ch. 6 Saturday 11:30am & 8:30pm


Please let us know if you have good quality office furniture to donate for our new offices, especially desks.


When: Saturday, October 23rd at 6pm
Where: Sunny Hills High School Auditorium, 1801 Warburton Way, Fullerton
Tickets: RSVP- $20.00 adults, $10.00 students, kids 12 and under, and
seniors Additional $5.00 per ticket without reservations.

For tickets or more information, call (714) 401-8610 or e-mail

Rio Films and the Fullerton Historic Theatre Foundation present the Fullerton Premiere of the award-winning “California Sea Lions- An Unforgettable Encounter” with local Fullerton filmmaker Alan De Herrera, and a short presentation on the Fox. Half the proceeds and a percentage of video sales are pledged toward the Fox effort. See for more information.


Our goal is to raise $3.5 million to buy the Theatre by November 1, 2004. To help meet this goal, the City of Fullerton has issued a $1.65 million challenge grant, leaving the Foundation with a $1.85 million need. While we have raised over $500,000 towards this goal, we still have a very large amount left to raise in a very short amount of time. We need your help now,
or we may lose the Fox forever!

To raise the rest, we have a 3-pronged pledge campaign, with the pledges to be exercised only if we succeed in raising the full funds necessary to purchase the Fox:

  1. Naming Opportunities Campaign – $10,000 to $2 million (stage, lobbies, courtyards, fountain, etc.)

  2. Theatre Seat Campaign – $2,500 and 5,000 (memorial plaques on theatre seats)

  3. $1,000 x 1,000 Campaign – 1,000 people pledging $1,000 each = $1 million (Theatre Wall of Honor)

All gifts of $250 or more will be recognized in the Fullerton News Tribune and Fullerton Observer (unless you request anonymity).

Please consider a substantial pledge, and let your friends and family know of our urgent need! There is so little time left!

All pledges will be tax-deductible once exercised. Our Tax ID # is 71-0915129

FOX COUNTDOWN: 14 Days left to Save the Fox!

Fullerton Historic Theatre Foundation
Mailing address: PO Box 6753 Fullerton, CA 92834
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-3pm
Physical address (no mail, please!):
131 W. Commonwealth Ave.,
betw. Harbor and Malden, directly across from Steamer's
Phone(714) 607-0884
Fax (714) 870-5123

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Anna23 on April 24, 2018 at 7:08 am

A few hundred rubles for an injection of nostalgia – not so bad, right? Everything is as old as this: coarse grains, square cannons, shooting rays and lumps of all colors of the rainbow, a frenzied dynamics of shootings – this was called in the 90s “a gruesome 3D action”. We do not know how the teeth, and the eyes for half an hour – the hour is shattering thoroughly. But even past this seemingly inconvenient developers from Pixel Titans could not go without jokes: in the video settings they added the option “to make STRAFE even worse”. And here there are two points of view.

STRAFE – a product of recycling classics like Quake and Doom . The hero’s helmet clearly points to “dumgaya”, and graphics, design of monsters and weapons evoke memories of a CRT monitor SyncMaster and a mouse with a ball inside. Something is heard native and in the electronic soundtrack, and in the grunting of enemies, and in how the scattered on the levels of barrels of oil. Hands remember how to avoid flying balls of fury, moving from side to side. How to shoot back down the corridor, how to get the villain by a shot from a grenade launcher in a jump. Therefore, in the orientation to hits id Software there is nothing wrong.

On the contrary, this immediately sets the fighter hellish tempo. We are teleported to the “waiting room” of the spacecraft “Ikar”, where one can choose one of the three “guns” – a machine gun, a shotgun or a “railgun” – and rushed. Shots paint the walls in red, explosions fling to the sides of the gut and spare parts, hands break from the enemies, bouncing off their heads, freaks and robots pile on themselves – just maneuver and recharge. The main thing is to kill them all, and then to get to the elevator to move to the next level, where, in general, a similar view unfolds.

Although many moments like picking up weapons on the move seem familiar, STRAFEthrows an original look at the dogma of the 90’s. From the defeated opponents scraps are poured, which can be processed on workbenches into something useful – for example, in cartridges or armor. Medical products (for them here fast food) gives a screwed to the wall automatic – first aid kits here do not roll around anywhere.

The robot in the booth helps to improve the weapon – say, attach a shotgun to the shotgun or make your machine gun fire mines with Velcro and needles that detonate in the carcass of a mutant. Out of bullets – beat butt. Or pick up and throw explosive barrels at your enemies. You do not know how to get out of the location – break the boxes, where the key is probably hidden. However, the developers have dealt most radically with the architecture of the spacecraft.

The halls and corridors of the Icarus are randomly generated, so each subsequent visit is somewhat different from the previous one. Otherwise, puddles of acid are sprayed, another device at the gallery around the well with devils at the bottom, the door moved from place to place, the workbench not at the beginning, but closer to the end of the path. Which, however, does not prevent the game from screwing “Easter eggs” about everything in the world – from Wolfenstein 3D to the relatively recent Superhot . That is, the atmosphere in STRAFE reigns fervent, and it’s good.

With the rest, alas, it was not asked. If John Romero (John Romero) accustomed the industry to the creation of levels in action movies – this is real art, the designers from Pixel Titans just laughed in his face. By ingenuity, the levels of STRAFE are not compared to what we saw in Doom or Quake . Their intricacies were memorized by heart: where there is a steep “cannon”, how many monsters trample behind that door and where to run to get a tactical advantage. Here, these thoughts do not prevail. Anyway, there will be a workbench along the way. Anyway, there will be food along the way. And the only nuance, seriously caring for the player – as if the opponents were not locked in a dead end.

The technical side of the case, too, leaves much to be desired. How do you mutants shoot through closed doors? Or the fact that the difference between the “trunks” is felt only by the damage? But this is the common place of indie iO games, in which it is difficult to understand where the bug is, and where the “feature”. For example, the enemy jumping out of the wall texture behind the protagonist’s back is like, hardcore for the sake of hardcore or the result of a programmers error? And where did the game designers who prohibited progress keep watching? Here there is only one choice – either do not perish, or pass all over again. We, of course, asked for some spirit of the 90’s, but not so much. And is it possible to get rid of jokes like scrupulous calculation of gallons of spilled blood and training, where there is a movie with a live actress in a mini-skirt?

On the other hand, STRAFE preserves the spirit of a bygone era, when computers were slow, and shooters – fast. And when, for the pleasure of virtual entertainment, I had to learn to flutter like a butterfly and sting like a bee. This game is ideal for short batches of minutes for 10 – 15 to distract, while loading any normal game or cooked dumplings. Spending days and nights on it, as it was in the 90’s with the works of id Software , there is no sense: after all, there is a DOOM of 2016 and, for that matter, Brutal Doom . So this nostalgia has broken – carry a new one. And it’s a pity: the PR action was extremely steep. Just look at the teaser .

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