Former Odeon Cinema For Sale?

posted by jbn6773 on March 17, 2004 at 1:41 pm

HARTLEPOOL, ENGLAND — Odeon closed this theater in 1981. Re-opened as a live entertainment club called Casears Palace in the late 90’s, the venue only lasted a couple of years before closing once again.

Yesterday, though, a “For Sale” sign has appeared, with Newcastle upon Tyne agents Lamb & Edge handling the property. The theater’s current owner is the Hartlepool-based company Capanac Leisure, who own a number of bars and nightclubs in town.

They also owned the former Fairworld Cinema just a few hundred yards away, which was Hartlepool’s last cinema, closing in May 1983, until the Warner Village opened a few years ago on the marina. The Fairworld was demolished in 1997 and a Morrisons supermarket now stands on the theater’s site.

Details of the Odeon property have yet to appear on the Lamb & Edge website.

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happybuttwisted on March 30, 2004 at 12:37 am

found the cinema on the the agents website the other day-offers invited for the freehold- no guide to the cost-also read on a hartlepool council site that plans for flats is a possibility however it says that the car park opposite would have to be obtained and also the council is unlikely to allow the building to be demolished?– hope i read these correctly- would appreaciate local updayes to confirm.thanks ian jakeman gainsborough lincs uk 29th march 2004

jbn6773 on October 20, 2004 at 7:11 pm

The cinema now has a price tag asking for offers in the region of £500,000. As large parts of the building have not been used since Odeon closed it in 1981, there is a great deal of work needed. (Caesars only occupied the front circle and entire stalls / lower foyer area. The upper foyer, projection rooms / offices were never brought back into use. The windows along the side of the building on both the upper foyer level and projection room level were never replaced and have been open to the elements for 23 years. Passing by, there are a number of pigeons and other birds entering the building by these windows.) I have recent photos of the exterior of the building, which I will send when the add photos is back online.

jbn6773 on September 9, 2005 at 9:00 pm

There have been some more developments in the last couple of weeks. Capanac Leisure, owners of the building and numerous bars (42nd Street, Shades, Longscar Centre, Horden Big Club, The Legion) have been reported as applying for insolvency. The bars have all closed suddenly. A plumber has been seen working in the Odeon recently and in the last couple of days,Hartlepool Water have been digging up the road outside the building. One only hopes that there hasn’t been any sort of flooding problem inside the already delapidated building. In another twist, Hartlepool Borough Council have warned owners of run-down buildings in the town to do something about them or risk being forced into renovation. New powers give councils the opportunity to enforce owners of buildings that are becoming an eyesore to do something about it. Strange that within a week of two of Capanacs buildings being featured (Odeon & Longscar Centre) in this list that they appear to go ‘belly-up’…. Also, the former Odeon CInema in Middlesbrough (re-opened as Jumpin Jaks nightclub) has again closed its doors, the owners, luminar leisure, have refurbished another nightclub in the town, known as lava & Ignite. The entrance doors to the odeon have been covered with a poster advising customers to go to the new club. Worryingly, I noticed the other day, that one of the side doors, below the tower that showed the Odeon sign appears to have been forced open. This could cause untold damage if vandals manage to get into the building. I will keep you posted. Its suprising what you notice whilst driving a bus!!!

jbn6773 on January 29, 2006 at 11:01 am

The Odeon has again appeared in the Hartlepool Mail, with the local council now warning owners of all run-down buildings in the town to start tidying them up or be forced into action. With Capanac Leisure now insolvent and the building still up for sale (offers £500,000), it will be interesting to see what happens next. The mayor of Hartlepool, Stuart Drummond, recently held a meeting, which was open to the public. One of the issues being the re-use of vacant and run-down buildings in the town. There has been little action recently, with the shutters over the main entrance only being opened on a couple of occasions whilst Capanac staff have been inside. Notably the upper level windows (projection room level) have been re-boarded, after the boards fell into the building, allowing pigeons to access the property. I hope to take some current pictures of the exterior of the building in the next few days.

jbn6773 on June 15, 2006 at 9:06 pm

Recently taken photos of the exterior of the former Odeon Hartlepool (Caesars Palace / Joe Pools)

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