Live Theatre in Long Beach, CA Needs Seats

posted by petre26 on March 4, 2004 at 6:01 am

LONG BEACH, CA — Hello my name is Peter Kreder and I am with Six Chairs & a Couple of Artists Theatre company here in Long Beach, CA.

We are currently in the stages of reopening our theatre company in a new venue. We desire to upgrade our seating and provide “real” seating for our audiences. We are poor. We are looking for an organization that may be upgrading their facilities and have seats to dispose of that they may want to donate to see that the seats have a second life.

I have done tons of research online and am taking wild stabs here and there trying to get a nibble. Perhaps you can help in someway??? Just trying to live out our dreams and spread the arts culture in our city. Thank you so much for you time. I look forward to any feedback or help anyone can offer.

Peter Kreder Technical director and Founding Member
Six Chairs & a Couple of Artists Theatre Co.

Peter Kreder


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EBThomas on August 30, 2004 at 11:27 am

We currently have a great offer for your refurbishing project. Although we can not help with funding, we can offer great Auditorium seats (fully cushioned \ floor mount) for a very great price.

For $59 USD we have numerous very well maintained seats, digital pictures can be provided, that could drastically reduce your renovation costs.

Give us a call (780) 432-4765 if you would be interested in these very historical seats.


shuman on October 20, 2004 at 9:01 pm

I have 439 seats that I can sell for $30/seat. The seats come out of a Loews theater. Picture Attached.

Additional info. on the movie seats for sale:

Quantity / number of chairs: 439

Brand and model of chairs: Irwin

Age of chairs: 15 years

Condition of chairs: Good

Layout of chairs: Groups of 4

Slope of floor (if applicable): Approximately 15 degrees

If no slope in floor, is floor level? ( Y / N ) Yes

Were the chairs mounted on risers / steps that are level? ( Y / N ) No

Color of fabric on the chairs (if applicable): Gray

Color of the rear of back, chairs back shell (if applicable): Black

Material of the rear of back, chairs back shell (if applicable): Hard Plastic

Color of seats pan / bucket, under seat cushion (if applicable): Black

Material of the seats pan / bucket, under seat cushion (if applicable): Metal


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