Arthur Pryor Bandshell Pavilion Threatened with Demolition

posted by MaureenNevin on August 9, 2004 at 6:32 am

ASBURY PARK, NJ — The world reknowned trombonist, Arthur Pryor, played and conducted his orchestra for 25 glorious summers in a boardwalk pavilion overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, in Asbury Park. In the late ‘60s, a pavilion with a bandshell roof was erected in Pryor’s memory.

Since then, Asbury Park has hit on bad economic times and sold all of its oceanside structures to a development rights holder who plans to demolish the section of the pavilion housing the bandshell, to replace it with office space.

Since the outdoor bandshell was also used for film showing from time to time, proponents submit that it warrants a place on Cinema Treasures.

Moreover, a local radio show has established a petition on its website to save the pavilion ( They want to get as many signatures as possible in order to convince the local government that it needs to enforce the city’s waterfront redevelopment plan, which calls for the restoration of this landmark.

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Anna23 on April 24, 2018 at 4:04 am

Once the studio Deck13 did colorful quests (remember the series Ankh ), then there was a bright non-trivial RPG Venetica with dialogues and adventure storyline. And then her staff played in Dark Souls and decided that the time for bright colors and children’s games was over. After Lords of the Fallen, they are releasing a second project in a row, which can be safely described as a clone of DS , – The Surge . And this time it will be interesting to play even the ardent fans of creativity From Software – anyway, for a while …

In The Surge in place of the gloomy fantasy came no less gloomy future, where the numerous problems of mankind are trying to solve (or pretend that they are trying to) large corporations. One of the most advanced – the company CREO, which put the flow of people turning into cyborgs with the help of all kinds of implants and exoskeletons.

The game begins sadly: the main character in a wheelchair arrives in CREO in the hope of getting back on its feet – literally. But during the operation, something went wrong, anesthesia ceased to function, and he fainted from the pain. And when I came to, I found out around the devastation that had flown from the reels of drones and people, turned into such zombies in exotic suits. Everyone wants him dead, but our hero is no longer a sad old invalid in his chair, but a real cybernetic killer. He not only learned to walk again – thanks to the installed exoskeleton, he can jump, dodge, hurt and beat his limbs to his enemies.

Then begins the typical for Dark Soulsand others with her entertainment program – fighting, fighting and fighting again. As the fires are operational centers – where we are reborn after death, restoring the supply of health and wellness injections. But in the same way reborn and enemies.

And you will die very often – on the way from the opera center to the next “boss” you have to fight again and again with the same reptiles over and over again and again, accumulating experience in the literal sense of the word. So we learn from our own mistakes, we study the habits of opponents, their location and level features, so that next time we know exactly where to go.

The plot is, as expected, served in small portions. The whole game we make our way through the dilapidated complexes of the company CREO, we repair something, we restore the supply of energy to the doors and magnetic roads, through which we can then move between available locations. And all this in order to get an answer to the question, what happened here.

And there is no long answer. Sometimes we find some audio diaries in which the same poor people like us describe how they lost consciousness during the operation and woke up in this cybernetic hell. We receive or hear from time to time messages from important people who are asked to come out somewhere and find them or help them open the door, but we still do not get answers. It is clear only that everything is very bad and cybernetic experiments CREO came out to them, and to us, and, probably, to all mankind by metal side.

Sometimes you can even meet the rare survivors in this nightmare and help them – release them from the cage, apply energy to the exosuit, find some kind of weapon. Then some of them will move to the operational center, where they will meet you every time with an amazed “Are you still alive?” And requests for help.

One poor fellow, for example, died without the medicine he needed. It got worse and worse, and it made me even after the murder of the local “boss”, when you can already go on, again and again clean out the level and comb it in search of a drug. And even after another unsuccessful attempt, there was a glimmer of hope – perhaps in another complex I will find a medicine and come back here, I will have time until the person has died. Such situations are rare, but they cool up what is happening, making us remember that we have here not only action and slasher, but also a little bit of RPG.

However, in The Surge there is no place for lyrics. Moreover, it is really difficult and difficult to fight and cut off limbs here, and it is interesting. The authors promised an unusual combat system and, in general, kept their word. The basis of it is well known – simple and powerful blows, rolling, block, constant evasion. Similarly, you need to know timings, that is, the most suitable time for carrying out your own and enemy attacks. And in the same way, endurance is expended on all strikes and rolling.

But to all this, the authors did not just add “dismemberment” – they made it into the category of important gameplay mechanics, allowing to receive both aesthetic pleasure and practical benefit. Selecting the enemy target, you can switch between its different limbs, head, torso, choosing the most vulnerable place – it will be highlighted in blue. And then it’s better to aim precisely at that place.

In this case, if you chop off your hand with a new weapon, then chances are high that you will take it to yourself. If you cut off a leg or head, you can get a drawing of the corresponding part of the outfit. And then you can create armor on it in the operetre on the workbench – for this purpose, the parts that fall out from the enemies and special metal alloys that we find on the levels are used.

Spares serve as analogues of souls – after the first death of the character they lie and wait for you in the same place, but if you die on the way to them, they are lost irrevocably. You can return to the opera center and keep the current stock of glands, but in this case all the enemies on the level immediately reborn.

In addition to the “craft” parts are also needed to “pour” the exosuit to increase the health, endurance, energy, armor and the number of cells under the implants – they allow you to use wellness injections, give rise again to health or, for example, reduce energy costs.

The latter is especially important, because the energy, firstly, is spent on the use of certain injections, on finishing and even on the use of a personal dron, capable of helping you in combat. And secondly, the maximum level of energy exosuit depends on the possibility of getting into some locations. If it is not enough, then you can not overload the power chain to open the doors or, for example, to start the elevator – you have to “pump” and return.

Of course, The Surge will not stack Dark Souls on both blades : fights in general and are more dynamic, and simpler, the “bosses” are even more interesting than in Lords of the Fallen , but they still do not reach those monsters that we saw in Friv Games From Software , and the plot and study of the world, its secrets and secrets are intriguing and pleasing only at first. And the graphics here are some dingy, outdated – it looks worse than in the previous work of Deck13 , which was released in 2014 year. The hero also periodically gets stuck in the interior elements – and there is no button for forced suicide.

Nevertheless, this game offers a fresh look at the combat and role systems and is able to throw you a serious challenge, forcing again and again to pass the same level to finally be able to, overcome, overcome, learn and move on.

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