Los Angeles Theater(s) For Sale??

posted by mmarino on January 25, 2005 at 9:27 am

I’m a realtor in southern California looking for information about any theaters which may be for sale in the Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley areas.

The age and condition of the property is not a concern at this time. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Please email any information to Mark Marino at: .

Thank you!

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seanman on March 15, 2005 at 8:21 pm

What are you Planning to do with the Theaters once you Purchase them?

I recently Saw Coldwell Banker Buy a Theater on Colorado Blvd in Pasadena, and Suck all the Life out of it and turn it into a Sterilized Washington Mutual Bank.

I hope you have good intentions, especially considering where you are Posting.

Natalieland2006 on November 3, 2006 at 10:55 am

Realtors, telemarketers and used car salespeople do fit very well into one category. They want to become involved in a private party sale agreement, just to secure a healthy commission check.

Be careful when doing business with any of the above professionals. Some will claim your deal is much too complex and will talk you into hiring them. This is just another ploy to obtain a very nice commission. A lot of sale agreements involving private parties may be completed at a local law firm for about $500.00.

Sometimes you can get a better selling price with a private seller. They may even carry the paper for seller and tax benefits. The buyer may also benefit from this type of sale. Use a good attorney to review the deal. Outsiders may affect the terms of a private party deal. You can’t always put a price tag on a vintage theater. They certainly do take special buyers with foresight and imagination.

Covenants certainly may be attached to historic landmarks to preserve a theatrical status. There are too many theaters are being razed for a drug store or a parking lot!

Good luck to those preserving and saving these vintage theater palaces. They are part of our drama history.

Thank you for your consideration and have a very nice day!

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