National Theater to be sold?

posted by robnrva on December 2, 2005 at 4:42 am

RICHMOND, VA — The Historic Richmond Foundation is currently considering plans to sell the National Theater. Contracts are currently being considered with restrictions as to reuse of this historic structure. One potential reuse includes the addition of a 120 room hotel above the current structure.

The National Theatre in downtown Richmond has several potential buyers, including a group looking to purchase it and hold it for the Virginia Performing Arts Foundation.

The Historic Richmond Foundation, which owns the theater at 700 E. Broad St., has sent copies of a draft contract to several suitors and is looking for responses by Wednesday, said John Owen Gwathmey, the group’s president.

The National is listed for sale at $1.55 million, but the contract has a space for a price to be added, Gwathmey said. It also includes significant restrictions on how the historic theater could be altered.

Times Dispatch:
Groups Step Up to Acquire The National

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Mariam on April 28, 2018 at 2:46 am

It happens that small drawing games about the conquest of randomly generated dungeons (now, as is known, very popular) make quite a lot of people from among the honored veterans of the industry. For example, the creator of the colorful cartoon “roguelike” Rogue Wizards is Colin Day (Colin Day), who once had a hand in games such as Nox , Command & Conquer: Generals and Hellgate: London .

Therefore praise for his new job, collect on Kickstarter 74,000 dollars handed out by many famous people – like Eric Schaefer (Erich Schaefer), one of the leading designers of the first two partsDiablo , and David Brevik (David Brevik), co-founder of Blizzard North , the man who invented the main “devilish” action / RPG of all times and peoples. You can understand them: Rogue Wizards really have a lot in common with Diablo.

Our hero finds a scroll that takes him to another reality. There, good wizards are at war with the bad, led by the most important evil sorcerer. Good created a magically sheltered settlement-base, where they plan their offensive operations. We have nothing to do but to join them.

To defeat the evil, you need to regularly clean up more and more new dungeons and destroy there the henchmen of the main villain (more precisely, to release their enslaved souls). We fight in a simple step-by-step mode – in our move either move around the cells, or change weapons, drink a potion, attack / use a spell. Then we collect mountains of trophies from carcasses of defeated enemies. Also in the dungeons are full of chests, there are traders, special altars, giving temporary bonuses, or boilers for cooking potions and creating spells.

There also sometimes come across various amusing animals like a crab or a purple dragon, which if desired become your companions. Or you can stumble upon another magician – he will first help here in the catacombs, and then join others on our base. There we are allowed to store things, trade, enchant items, learn in the special tower spells of one of the six spontaneous schools, visit the blacksmith. And in some of these services you can invest money to, for example, increase the capacity of the warehouse or improve the range of goods.

That is, in fact, we have a sort of step-by-step version of Diablo and Torchlight. There is a simple story, there is a village-base with all amenities and standard services, from where we go to the dungeons. There are even funny satellite animals, as in Torchlight and Fate (it’s a pity they can not be sent to the store to sell junk).

In this case, unlike many other popular modern “bagels”, Rogue Wizards does not rely on elements of survival – there is no need to constantly think about food, the dying torches and how to hold on even a little and hold out until the exit. The friv4school game is focused on the progressive advancement of the catacombs, the mass killing of enemies, “pumping” (improving the three basic characteristics and available spells) and collecting “loot” in the hope of knocking out some rare or legendary sword-kladenets.

The only difference is that everything happens here, I repeat, in a step-by-step mode. And that’s it, perhaps, and the main plus, and the main minus Rogue Wizards. At first, elements of tactics are pleasing – there are many enemies, everyone has stability or weakness to some element, each attacks in its own way (some, for example, send us hallucinations or block magic). Therefore, the opportunity to calmly assess the situation, change weapons and find the right spell is very useful. Especially in the fights with the “bosses”.

But then, in process of accumulation of inevitable in such games of feeling of routine and monotony, the measured step-by-step advancement on cells starts to irritate only. In Diablo and Torchlightthis was partially compensated by a frantic pace. And then, it turns out, routine and monotony are only smeared with a thin layer of approximately the same catacombs. Yes, and battles the farther, the more boring: you, yawning, doing everything on the machine, and the enemies fall after two shots from the bow, which is not the most powerful of your weapons. “Bosses” also cease to frighten.

salvation in this case could be just those things that many modern more or less cartoon “bagels” are famous for, unpredictable by “random”, unexpected situations, elements of survival, a constant sense of fear and danger, an unusual role or combat system , numerous complex traps. Or the probability of reborn after death in the body of a new hero with some genetic deviations, as inRogue Legacy . In extreme cases, a really interesting, dynamically developing plot would help.

But nothing in the Rogue Wizards . Even the element of chance does not help, because all the dungeons, enemies and “bosses” are repeated from time to time. Moreover, there are purely game-design mistakes. For example, buying from merchants is something other than health potions and some spells do not make sense. And the blacksmith has nothing at all, because there are so many equipment and trophies in the dungeons that there is nowhere to go. Accordingly, to “pump” the blacksmith does not make sense either. By and large of all services on the basis of really only need a tower with new spells and enchant items (and that is not always).

Rogue Wizards initially gives the impression of a game that experienced developers did – stylishly, qualitatively, cute and exciting. But the further into the forest, the more problems there are. The authors made a step-by-step Torchlight , which, however, did not have enough of the things accepted today in modern “bagels”. It turned out expensive, beautiful, but in the end it’s still too boring.

Pros: a pretty picture; high-quality design; the abundance of a variety of equipment and spells; the need to take into account the characteristics of enemies. Cons: monotony; a primitive story that stumbles on the spot; an excessively simple role-playing system; problems with balance.

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