Important Public Hearing For Pasadena’s Historic Raymond Theatre

posted by Patrick Crowley on July 8, 2005 at 7:47 am




DATE: Wednesday, July 11, 2005
START TIME: 6:30 P.M. sharp!
PLACE: Pasadena Conference Center Building (next to Pasadena Civic Auditorium) 300 East Green Street, Room 211, Pasadena

Please attend Monday’s hearing and comment on the following:

  1. Request that interior demolition of the theatre STOP, because no building permits have been issued for demolition and the Raymond Renaissance project has not passed final design review.

  2. Request the Design Review Commission conduct Design Review of the exterior facade of the Raymond Theatre. Work has commenced with no Design Review or public participation.

  3. Give your views about the exterior design of the new building and the fly loft.

  4. Ask that interior review of the Raymond Theatre not be left till final Design Review.

If you would like to speak and need talking points, please let us know BEFORE this Saturday.

If you can’t attend, please write the Design Commission a letter:

• Add your full name, address and phone
• Ask your letter be submitted to the public record for the Raymond Theatre.
• Send us a blind copy of your letter.



This week, the owners of the Raymond Theatre started interior demolition of the Raymond Theatre without a building permit (see photos of pieces of the interior of the Raymond Theatre below). We thank members of the community and media for your calls. We assure you we are aware of the situation and we asked the City on 6/6/05 to have a building inspector and code compliance look into the situation. Numerous calls were placed, but no inspection has taken place yet. Our Attorney has contacted the City Attorney regarding this issue. Updates to follow soon.

Please write the City Council and ask the following:

Dear Mayor Boggard and City Council:

Please stop the ongoing demolition of the interior of the Raymond Theatre. The City Council approvals state that “no demolition is to occur on the interior of exterior of the Raymond Theatre until final Design Review has been completed and building permits have been issued.” Currently the “Raymond Renaissance” project has not yet passed Conceptual Design Review and no building permits have been granted for demolition. Please place a “stop work permit” on this project immediately to stop illegal demotion of the Raymond Theatre.,,,, vgordo@,,

Write the media:

• Add your full name, address and phone
• Ask your letter be submitted to the public record for the Raymond Theatre
• Send us a blind copy of your letter.



For more information:

Friends of the Raymond Theatre Office: (818) 541-9522 – Fax: (818) 541-9523

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Anna23 on April 24, 2018 at 6:20 am

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In addition, in both versions of the battle, disasters often start to die, then gravity will turn off for a moment, then the arena will begin to rock heavily, and in some cases a huge monster starts jumping on the map, destroying everyone in its path. However, the essence of the game in this case does not change – to come up with new tactics depending on what is going on is quite difficult. The user simply tries not to fall outside the arena (although he does it without disasters), more closely follows the environment and still hunts opponents and tries to destroy them.

There are microtransactions here, but they do not influence anything – you can pay real money only for the currency needed to buy new heroes and accessories. Between the characters there is no difference, just the cheapest ones look less detailed and cute than the expensive ones. There was a place, and a mountain of pancakes, and a battleship curled into a ball, and a watermelon with a carved slice, and plump cows with dogs. Liked sympathy can be unlocked within a few hours, well, accessories like hats, glasses and whiskers will make it even funnier.

But here the drawback – Deformersis completely deprived of “dejlikov” and chests for reception of levels. Modern developers are not without reason adding them to most of their multiplayer games – it animates online and gives an extra reason to return every day, at least for the sake of one match. Although here they are gifted with virtual currency, it is too little to buy and try everything in a row, and the opportunity to occasionally receive heroes and jewelry from time to time would not interfere.

Although to talk about this, when the game itself is sold at an inflated price, it’s funny. Rocket League cost $ 20 and was distributed free of charge in PlayStation Plus, due to which it gained immense popularity. Drawn to Death was also temporarily free, though the hideous system of selecting players and strange design decisions and played a cruel joke with her. In the case of Deformers, everything seems to be not so gloomy – it is actually good and in many respects original, but nobody wants to buy it, and therefore it is strange to advise it. Go to the shareware distribution model, the authors are unlikely to become, so that in a box of unsuccessful online projects, you can enter one more.

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