Whiteside Theatre public hearing tonight

posted by moviepalacefan on November 14, 2006 at 7:45 am

CORVALLIS, OR — There will be a public hearing of the Historic Resources Commission that will meet tonight, Tuesday, November 14, 2006 at 7:00 PM Madison Avenue Meeting Room, 500 SW Madison Avenue, Corvallis, Oregon. They will discuss the fate of the Whiteside Theatre

They will hear public testimony for and against the proposal by “Whiteside Partners LLC” (a group who would like to purchase the theater. Their proposal is to gut the interior of the theater and to create a strip mall with 3-4 stores and a restaurant.

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Natalieland2006 on November 14, 2006 at 8:26 am

I would certainly object to that offer and find another suitable offer. The very original features do indeed need to be restored to its former glory for all to enjoy. There are plenty of colleges and universities that could put it to use, provided that it’s for sale.

“Have a very wonderful day in ‘Natalieland!’”

moviepalacefan on December 5, 2006 at 9:55 am

The Historic Resources Commission voted on December 4th 4-2 to deny the proposal by Whiteside Partners LLC. The LLC will appeal to the Corvallis City Council within the next 12 days.

Anna23 on April 24, 2018 at 4:27 am

If people who released the world’s first game in the open world patented its concept, now I’m sure they would be dollar billionaires and get their percentage from hundreds of followers at the same time. Today, developers are dragged into the “sandbox” all in a row – arcades, action games, platformers, role-playing games, adventure games, shooters. Despite contraindications and own inability (or lack of experience) to make really interesting open worlds. And of course, not always it turns out to be fascinating – as in the case of Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 , for example.

In my preview of the beta version, I have already described the main differences between the new part of this Polish sniper simulator – the game, previously clearly divided into missions, now came out in a clean field (in this case – Georgia) and offers us not only to shoot a sniper rifle out of position lying, but also to explore large maps, study “points of interest”, collect resources to create weapons and cartridges, perform side missions and “pump” the character.

In battles, you can use a different approach – actually “snip” in full, fight openly or try to act secretly, alone eliminating enemies. Depending on your actions, one of the three branches of skill is “pumped” faster, corresponding to your preferred style of passage. For example, the sniper specialization will allow you to hold your breath longer while firing, the military one – to carry extra stores for assault rifles, and the “Ghost” – to quietly jump and run.

Add here a pretty picture, more or less honest ballistics, which makes it time and again to make corrections for the wind and the shooting distance, the wiser AI, the variability in the performance of tasks and the storyline in which blue-eyed blondes and busty Mossad agents are featured – and now seemingly ready a dream game for all “campers.”

However, upon closer examination in the full version, for almost every plus, the game has its own minus. A beautiful picture, rich both on snowy mountains, and on forest landscapes, is clouded by terrible optimization, frequent departures and sagging fps. Smart opponents who know how to maneuver, quickly notice you, send patrols to clean up the place where they saw the player, or they shoot him from a mortar, sometimes they suddenly fall into a stupor.

Honest ballistics works only in certain situations, when a strong wind is really blowing. Most often, we just shoot at the crosshair of the sight, completely forgetting about any corrections – we’ll still get!

Variability in the performance of missions is also conditional. You can, of course, choose different positions, from different sides enter the protected objects, try to somehow distract the opponents, entice them, turn off the generators and radios, but before Metal Gear Solid V this game is far away. And for the most part it’s easier and more effective to shoot enemies from a distance.

The plot we have, Russians, causes a mixture of irritation and a smile. The blue-eyed blonde is called Lydia Dzhordzhadze, and she, apparently, is a purebred Georgian with an impeccable English and a dad named Avas. And we are fighting against the “Russian-speaking minority” headed by David Sidamonidze and Inna Zakaryan. On their side, you can also meet an Albanian who killed Serbs in Kosovo and a member of the radical Front for Al-Nusra, and in the emblem of their opponents, local militiamen who need help, you can see the swastika. In general, imagine what a mess in your head these wonderful Polish scriptwriters!

The cranberry here blooms and smells – Russian-speaking separatists in droves kill peaceful Georgians, organize clandestine battles without rules with rates, listen to rap where they try to rhyme the words “sidekick” and “vodka”. And for some reason, they quietly let the American speaking an Englishman go to the wedding, and even allow such a completely suspicious stranger to spend the night in the house – although they themselves make legends about an elusive foreign sniper, who constantly arranges sabotage against them.

The writers, it must be admitted, are trying to diversify the story somehow – they tell us about the complex romantic relationship between our hero and Lydia, which he once cast, and also about how John is looking for his brother, who was missing a couple of years ago, also a sniper, Robert.

However, all this is done somehow primitive, patterned and predictable. When we learn that there is a mysterious sniper Armazi acting on the same territory, it seems that only the protagonist does not know who it could be.

But the main trouble is not even in an idiotic story – someone in the West will definitely appreciate it. The main problem is in the “open world”. Against the background of other friv 4 games www.frivcom4.com with this concept, attempts by the authors of Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 look tortured and miserable. In the beta version was available one card and a pair of tasks, so the hope was that the authors really come up with interesting activities and somehow revive this “sandbox” in the full version. But no, alas, she’s dead, boring and almost static.

On each of the large open maps, where we enter the plot, you rarely see something busy local people – just somewhere the fisherman or the driver cares for the car. We help militiamen or not, stealing transport for them, rescuing hostages or finding out plans of opponents, nothing changes, reputation level is not tracked, bonuses (except for money and experience) do not betray. And the patrols of separatists or partisans do not begin to run around the mountains and dales.

Accordingly, there is no special desire to perform all these monotonous side missions, to clean out the “points of interest” in the search for money and resources for the “craft”, and, just like the witcher Geralt, to look for traces through a special view to go through them, to see the next corpse of a civilian and rob a bag lying next to it (apparently, a common phenomenon for NATO military!). Especially since there is nowhere to put money and resources, and “kraft” by and large is useless: for coins, which are always too much, everything can be bought, repaired and refilled.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 – from those games, which are difficult to treat as something unambiguous. Because, even despite all of the above, you can play and have fun. Simply, the authors had to focus on what they do best – instead of boring side-by-side add more diverse story missions and complicate sniper shooting with ballistics. Well, or come up with a really interesting open world that reacts to our actions, because in this perspective the game is much inferior, for example, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands , where everything is about the same, only at times better, more, with normal optimization and in the cooperative. And in Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3, the multiplayer has not yet delivered …

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