NCG Trillium Cinemas opens in Grand Blanc, MI

posted by steelbeard1 on May 23, 2006 at 7:51 am

GRAND BLANC, MI — The 14-screen NCG Trillium Cinemas outside Flint opened on Friday, May 19 with construction still in progress.

Four screens will initially open with the new movies “The Da Vinci Code” and “Over The Hedge”. Among the construction crew completing the megaplex is co-owner Gary Geiger along with his son Jeff.

This is the 10th location for Neighborhood Cinema Group, based in Owosso, MI, which specializes in multiple screen theaters in smaller cities. The NCG chain’s URL is and the website for this cinema is

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jennys888 on November 1, 2015 at 8:56 pm

Horrible, harrasing service. A bit about myself i am a mother of 2, registered nurse, in a union, teach classes for breastfeeding moms, volunteering & donating when i can.. i have never written a yelp about any business ever, but because of the way I was treated here I definitely opened up a yelp account… concession stand accused me of stealing their soda cups that they have at their front register. I thought the lady put them there for me to take….so I took them….i was watching the movie then went to go use the bathroom…coming back from the bathroom…not 1, but 2 managers ( that looked no older than 21) pulled me aside and said you took 4 cups & only paid for 1….then I said well I thought the lady gave them to me & they said no you took them…then they said you need to pay for them…I told them I didn’t use them all so you shouldn’t charge me for all 4 cups & i will pay for the 2 I used & give you back the other 2. Then they called the cops & their general manager (that wasn’t there….only the staff could talk to the general manager not me the customer) told the staff & cop that I had to pay for all 4 cups instead of 2….Crappy business!!! I am definitely getting justice…Wow…I just could not believe this…super bad business….before this all even happened I was thinking in my mind how rude they treated me even before this all happened….I would think twice before coming here…in case you lose a ticket, come late to a showing, come a cross any kind of problem….the general manager & staff are only there to help themselves not you. I don’t even want to give this theater a star, but this yelp doesn’t have that option.

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