Vintage theater equipment wanted

posted by dpeel on July 26, 2006 at 4:24 am

I’m looking for vintage theater sound equipment – speakers, horns, tube amplifiers, tubes, transformers, parts, and drivers – big or small, working or not. I am located in the Philadelphia area and will pick up within a 300 mile radius or will pay for shipping costs.

Call 215-983-0987 or e-mail

Thank you, Dan

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35Williams on July 31, 2006 at 3:47 pm

This may be what you are looking for?

A friend and I have been working with a list of old equipment and films.He has inherited a collection of 35mm and 16mm movies and equipment.
They have no knowledge of any of the items and this is beyond, my expertise.

We have researched many of the items and feel that for estate purposes we would estimate the Fair Market Value of the collection to be about $9,000 – 12,000.

We may be faced with liquidating the items to satisfy the requirements of this estate. This poses these three questions for your opinion.

Would it be best to sell the items as a total “Group”?

Would a local auction or store be a good place to sell?

We also considered trade magazines like Big Reel to advertise?

I don’t believe that the family has the time or interest to sell the items individually, or on line etc.

A quick opinion would be greatly valued.

If you would like to see some photos please let me know.

Richard Williams

Film List:

35mm Movies

  1. The Brain Machine, 5 reels

  2. Monster of London City, 5 reels

  3. Brother of Satan, 5 reels

  4. Hour of The Lion, 6 reels

  5. Once Upon a honeymoon, 2 reels

  6. Horseman, 6 reels

  7. Hour of The Gun, 5 reels

  8. Burglars, 6 ½ reels

  9. Last Picture Show, 6 reels

  10. Lighting Swords, 5 reels

  11. You Canâ€\t Win Them All, 5 reels

  12. Creeping Flesh, 5 reels

  13. Island of Pleasure, 1 reel

  14. Safety Glass, 1955 1 reel

  15. Sky Larking Soundies 1950â€\s, 1 reel

  16. Josephâ€\s Brethren Scope, 1 reel

  17. West Point, 1 reel

  18. Disney, 1 reel

  19. Ali- Norton, 1 reel

  20. Princess Grace Of Monaco Travel, 1 reel

  21. In Cold Blood, 1 reel

  22. Then There Were Three, 5 reels

  23. Plantation Melodies Stephen Foster, 1 reel

  24. UFO, 1 reel

  25. Motorama, 1 reel

  26. Kung Fu Snake Fist vs The Dragon, 1 reel

  27. Stone Killer Hitchcock, 1 reel

  28. Motorama Woods, 1 reel

35mm Trailers

  1. Friday

  2. Dracula

  3. Grave of Vampires

  4. Garden

  5. Two Headed

  6. Three reels listed “Trailers” Unknown titles

  7. Hitchcock Trailers Frenzy, Humanoids, Fury, Black Belt Motel Hell

  8. Hitchcock Trailer Wonder of Fiction


  1. Six reels assorted titles, educational

  2. Ferns, 1 reel

  3. Bull Fight Arena, 1 reel

  4. Tales of Terror, 2 reels

  5. Hitchcock Trailer Wonder of Fiction, Bull in a China Shop, 2 reels

  6. The Automotive Industry of Japan, 1 reel


  1. Large Theater Projector

Information found on metal plates:

Silmpler High 19000 Series

DV Volts 27 DC Amperes 40 Lamp type No. 1900-6

Lampser No. 23720, Dist. National Theater Supply Co.

Automatic Reflector Arc Lamp

Soundmaster Projector Unit Model 6 Ser # 3509 60 cyl 115 v

Lens: Panavision Ultra Panatar x300

Anamorphic Projection Attachment J-8509

  1. Bell and Howell Co.

16mm Sound Motion Picture Projection Equipment

Type LS 170A PDP-1

Impedance 16 OHMS Watts 25

Contact AF-33 (657) 9491 Ser 746

  1. TSI Technical Service Inc.

Lavonia, Mich.

Sold by Stebbins Theater Equipment

16mm Sound Motion Picture Equipment

Model: DU-5

Watts: 1250

Volts: ACDC 100-125V

Serial 1879


  1. Bell and Howell Co.

16mm Sound Motion Picture Projection Equipment

Projector Set Type AQ-2A (3)

FSN 8730-285-4428

105 â€" 125 Volts

50/65 cycle watts 1300

Contact AF33 (600) 37297

Serial number 442777

  1. DeVry 35mm Chicago

Type J

No. 14118

110 V 5 Amp

For Use With Slow-Burning Film Only

Pat Aug 3 09, Dec 10 18, Dec 24 18, May 13 19

  1. Five empty reel various sizes

  2. Three small boxes of parts

Myrna on December 5, 2015 at 5:31 pm

I have an antique SKED-CLOK that I am interested in selling. It has the original bag and instructions with it. Is that something you (or someone you know) would be interested in?

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