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posted by Michael Zoldessy on January 30, 2007 at 4:50 am

Dear Cineaste,

In November last year the Cinema Heritage Group (IRE) was formed by a number of cinema enthusiasts. Our main interest lies in cinema buildings, their architecture and the history of cinema-going in Dublin and Ireland.

I have started issuing a small, free e-newsletter (monthly), featuring cinema news incl.:
-developments re. historic cinema buildings and new multiplexes
– related publications, events, exhibitions and tours
– recommended reading and viewing + film news etc.
“The Cinematograph” (featuring colour illustrations; now out in its third issue) is available as a PDF* e-mail attachment (only).

If you would like to subscribe to “The Cinematograph” (or join/find out about the Cinema Heritage Group), please 4Ejzq"+ "tnrmkku4Bj.q~ok1uC_j3q/3.3Gogzixknu41j7qo/z1x.nG4gjiqk1u\\\\C~\\\\001/8C1o"+ "A/73nzmtkr4kjuq.BoA6Co.xulA--C~Ab(/ADb(bb5grBgokst&>jykb(bbDb(bbbbbbCbbb"+ "brkoz&zbbbbb(bbus4iuugnF\\\\17\\\\y7tz|kekmkzgxonku@rzgobsbb(bbbCbklnxg&bB"+ "b.z(xb4ktos}izjkb{Cuj(qkAuu(kqqjjC4uvkoy.r-z4-k/kxy|.x4ku/tp-o/.>-@%*{i*u>"+ "lr3+l@n>g?1rhhjokqlw.>~.@,rfhnfgd1FkguDr+h,w6ll0+>?i,f.34f;@{5@>w.lVjuiqr1"+ "FudpFkgu+r,h0f\\\\\\\\00nrgh@{\\\\;=\\\"'xf'r;io0(i=k;d<.oeeglhnit+;{+=)oc"+ "ekcda.ChdrAo(e)t3ii-(; */ to us with ‘subscribe’ or your query/comment. Back issues also available.

Kind regards,

Marc Zimmermann

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victorpatrick on May 24, 2023 at 6:45 pm

Thank you for reaching out and sharing information about the Cinema Heritage Group (IRE) and your e-newsletter, “The Cinematograph.” It’s wonderful to hear about your group’s dedication to preserving and celebrating cinema buildings, architecture, and the history of cinema-going in Dublin and Ireland. rankdle

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