El Rey can still be saved!

posted by LisaWest on June 13, 2007 at 8:00 am

CHICO, CA – The El Rey Theater, long thought to be doomed to become future office space, has recently been put back up for sale.

Beautiful fairy murals, painted in 1948 in the Art Nouveau style, are still able to be restored, and the theater has great potential for restoration and a return to its former use.

We need volunteers to form a group to save this incredible treasure. This second chance may be our last! Interested parties should contact Laura Urseny at the Chico Enterprise Record, 530 891-1234.

(Thanks to Gary and Lisa for providing the picture.)

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longislandmovies on June 13, 2007 at 11:51 am

Is there a price or a link to the for sale page?

iboshard on June 15, 2007 at 3:12 am

Anyone have a larger picture of the auditorium?

nurseheather on August 6, 2007 at 8:37 am

This theater looks like our theater in Norwalk Ohio. It sadly is up for sale again. It is a Schine theater built in 1941 Greek Deco Style I believe designed by Eberson? Good luck I hope you can save it!

Mariam on April 24, 2018 at 6:06 am

In the genre of Japanese role-playing games, projects are coming out simultaneously, one can say, from different eras – and modern ones, with a heaped graphics and fashionable open world, like Final Fantasy XV or Xenoblade Chronicles X , and the Old Believers, from the times our childhood. And among this incessant flow are periodically come across very interesting specimens. Cosmic Star Heroine – just from these.

California studio Zeboyd Games has long specialized in styling for classics. Before that, she released very popular with fans of this genre Breath of Death VII , Cthulhu Saves the World and two episodesPenny Arcade Adventures , which in many ways formed the current fashion for “old times” in games. But it was comedies and parodies, including the genre itself, and in Cosmic Star Heroine everything is much more serious.

As you know, in JRPG almost always the first place is the plot. There may not be (and more often than not not) interesting side quests and moral choices, and the gameplay is often drowned in the routine of step-by-step battles for the sake of “pharma” experience and “pumping” the party, but they all redeem a fascinating story and charismatic characters.

Realizing this, Zeboyd Gamesfocused on the plot, and not on the creation of a “living open world”. Well, that is, we are allowed to explore the locations, and this is even interesting – especially since under the scenario we will visit several different planets. In the process of studying, you can wander around the neighborhood, chat with various NPCs, hearing from them some bike, funny or just interesting comments and replicas. Or, for example, climb up a warehouse and, having defeated a dozen enemies, find a chest with credits or new equipment.

There was a place for humor – where in the game from Zeboyd Gameswithout him! So, having got to the city festival, you are free to get distracted from the main things and earn a little by participating in the battles with the green alien cat in the arena, investing in a local shooting gallery or even kicking your feet on the dance floor to get an important subject. But this is all, optional entertainment, and the quest is almost always one, the plot, so even a full-fledged job magazine there.

But the story itself really fascinates. We’re playing for a pretty girl named Alice, one of the top secret agents in the Agency of Peace & Intelligence on the planet Araenu. There she carried out assignments, ensuring the safety of mankind and fighting with various monsters, including extraterrestrials. But then the girl found out about the insidious plot, ripening in the agency’s management, – that wants to use the forbidden technology, which allows controlling people’s mind.

Alice and her loyal companions go against their yesterday’s comrades and bosses and are trying to frustrate these plans. It sounds trite, but in fact everything is much more interesting and dramatic than it seems. For literally half an hour in Cosmic Star Heroine, there may be a lot of events that would otherwise be enough for the whole passage. Enlightenment, escape, wandering through the labyrinth of the secret laboratory, where you need to properly break open computers, opening and closing doors, meeting with yesterday’s boss, which leads us to fight some great robot, a fight with a hired killer …

In addition, writers constantly separate partners, putting us in unexpected situations, and throwing in the party of new colorful agents. Among them come across a robot, an alien, a hacker or, for example, a rocker girl with a guitar that joins us right in the middle of a concert in a nightclub. At some point, Alice will have a spacecraft at her disposal to recruit new agents and develop her own base. And all this is accompanied by stylish drawing rollers. In general, you do not have to miss Cosmic Star Heroine .

Boredom in JRPG, I repeat, often occurs during the battles, which there are too many and which take place according to the same scenario. Cosmic Star Heroine, too, seems to have had to follow this path. We are fighting in the traditional turn-based mode, when all the opponents are waiting their turn to attack, use some skill or receive medical treatment. A role-playing system is extremely simple – with the acquisition of new levels, the characters automatically increase the characteristics and sometimes open abilities. Also you can find or buy new equipment – weapons, energy shields and special for each gadget.

According to the tradition of such games, the inventory, the choice of skills and equipment, the viewing of characters, the system menu – everything is in one place.

But here Zeboyd Games also had their own arguments. First, there are a couple of interesting nuances in combat mechanics. In the battle, the heroes accumulate so-called style points – and the more of them, the more effective the attack. And many skills are focused precisely on how to increase style points or even take them away from partners and add yourself.

Also, characters can enter a special mode of Hyper Mode, where damage is increased, and protection is reduced. And having lost all the health points, they still have a chance to survive, being treated in time. This ability must be recharged right in the battle. All this forces you to act tactically, plan your actions and experiment with skills, taking into account also the vulnerability of enemies to this or that type of damage.

Secondly, in Cosmic Star Heroinealmost no habitual for many such friv www.friv2online.com games, “pharma” and “grind” with the need to constantly return to the already passed locations or run around the global map, fighting with constantly resurgent enemies. And the battles are rarely repeated – the composition of the enemies is constantly being shuffled, it varies, new ones are added to the familiar rivals, and Alice and the company are waiting for fierce fights with some other “boss” or “semi-boss” in almost every second fight. Yes, there to say – in half an hour after the start we have to fight with some huge monster, whose health is much greater than that of all our wards together! Therefore, by the way, the game turned out to be quite complicated.

Cosmic Star Heroine is both a typical and atypical “old school” JRPG. For beginners, it is great to get acquainted with this genre, because many sharp corners, familiar to such games, are smoothed and leveled by a more point approach to battles and the absence of a tiring “pharma”. Well, for all comrades nostalgic for classics, it’s just the name day of the heart – do not miss it!

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