Cinema Treasure @ Burleson Commons

posted by morristg on June 27, 2007 at 7:44 am

BURLESON, TX — Ground has just been broken on this theater and I would like to get more info on what it will offer. The info boasts of including a Jazz Bar and an amphitheater but are they considering any screens equipped with REAR or OPEN CAPTION for the hearing impaired?

The AMC Parks has one and only one with rear caption. Grapevine Mills has one and that’s all that I know of and Grapevine is quite a drive. There are many people that enjoy the real theater experience, popcorn dripping w/butter and gum on your shoes, but they are left waiting for the DVD and watching at home with ORVILLE! I would like someone to look into this since the forms are not set, this would still be a chance to make a difference for the community! Thanks for listening!

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