The Retro Cinema opens

posted by Peteinmidtown on June 27, 2008 at 7:45 am

WASHINGTON, GA — Retro Cinema and Books has opened and is a tiny little theatre that has to be seen to be believed.

Not only is the place a work of incredible work of art with attention given to every detail, but it also includes a bookstore and wine bar off of the theatre itself!

The following is from a recent review in Flagpole Magazine

The heart of the Retro is the theater. Seats are limited, lending to a feel that’s more reminiscent of watching a movie at home with a group of friends rather than sharing an auditorium with 200 popcorn-chomping strangers. And there’s a reason it’s called the Retro: the owner, Dana Kibbey, says, “We select our movies carefully, looking for themes and genres that would appeal to this market, while at the same time standing as special movies in their own right. We do play classic Hollywood films from the ‘40s and '50s on "Retro Nite.”

They aim for the special charms and appeal of the classics, leaving the typical Hollywood blockbusters to the chain theaters. They’re also planning to expand a bit by hosting a special film festival in the fall of ‘08 that Kibbey reveals will also include guest appearances by classic film stars to discuss their films and their books. Housed in the rear corner of the cozy theater is a concession booth, complete with popcorn, cookies and Tab. But they offer a wider variety of sodas, if you’re not feeling quite that retro.

Here is their website.

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