Smadar possibly to be owned by movie-goers

posted by davids on September 4, 2009 at 7:45 am

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL — The Smadar Theater in Jerusalem’s German Colony neighborhood is going to be closed. Will it end up as yet another luxury building site?
Last week hundreds of devoted movie-goers offered to buy the place, each one will pay $1000 per share, and keep Smadar opened. Their hope is that city council will declare Smadar a site for preservation.

Thousands already signed a petition.

“There is a huge response because people don’t want to lose the fabric of their identity, which is their pride and an important part of daily life. People don’t want this to be taken away from them in favor of economic real estate initiatives. They want a share in designing the place they live in, and I believe this is wonderful.”

Read more at Ynet.

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