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posted by Michael Zoldessy on March 10, 2010 at 7:45 am


I am a film and theatre (theater!) scholar from the UK. I have the honour of being the Guest Editor for a special issue of the US peer-reviewed journal, ‘Post Script’.

This special issue will focus on the less-aired aspects of cinema: distribution and exhibition. This area of study would be incomplete without an essay on picture palaces.

I have posted a call for papers for this ‘Post Script’ issue at:

I have great memories of visiting picture palaces in the US. My highlights at the moment must be the beautiful Los Angeles, LA, and a tour of Keith’s Memorial Theater in Boston, way back before its renovation. It would be a shame not to have something of the picture palace legacy in our ‘Post Script’ issue.

For questions about Post Script not related to this special issue, contact the general editor:

Thank you in anticipation,

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