Bow tie Cinema patrons ‘reel’ over search at movie theater

posted by Taxi on March 20, 2010 at 7:55 pm

The Westport CT News reported that Bowtie Cinemas searched the handbags Devon Pfeifer, chairwoman of Fairfield’s Democratic Town Committee and her friends. According to Ms. Pfeifer, only women were searched. It was also found that no signs were posted and the “policy” was very inconsistently enforced.

The CEO of Bow-Tie Cinemas, Joseph Masher, last week apologized for the episode and admitted that “perhaps the staff was a bit overzealous that evening.” He went on to say “For instance, we have had incidents in the past where guests have accidentally spilled piping hot coffee onto another guest, guests who have left food containers and pizza boxes on the floor that have caused slipping hazards, and ice cream containers left on floors that others have slipped and fallen over,” Masher said. “Additionally, the air in the theater is often permeated with offensive odors from outside foods, and we strive to ensure our guests have a positive experience.”

However the above argument could be made for items purchased at the theatre. Why not speak the truth? Cinemas make all their money at the snack stand and we don’t want any food not purchased from us in the cinema. If Bowtie does have a policy, they should post signs, and enforce it for all showtimes everyday to everybody. The policy should not be hap hazard and enforced evenly and fairly. This means even senior citizens, pregnant women, and those who are disabled, even children. Maybe even full body scans.

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