German Cinema review 2010

posted by Michael Zoldessy on February 17, 2011 at 9:45 am

The number of screens in Germany fell the fifth time in row and landed at the current number 4,699. Ninety-five screens were new openings or renovations, but on the other side 130 screen were abolished. More than a quarter of the screens (1,301; 27,7 %) is a part of multiplex cinemas.

The German Federal Film Board (Filmförderungsanstallt; FFA) also reported a reduction in the number of theatres (from 1,744 to 1,714) and a decrease in the number of seats (from 819,320 to 809,510). According to the FFA “more dramatic because irreversible” was the drop in cities or communities with at least one theater. There were 22 less cities or communities with a movie theater.

The record revenues of 2009 (976.1 mio. €) could not be achieved last year again. The percentage fall was at 5.7 per cent to 920.4 Mio. €. The share of multiplex theatres was more than a half of the reported revenues (497.5 mio. €; -0,7 %), with less the a half of the reported admissions (62.9 mio.; -9.5 %).

The average ticket price at the multiplex cinemas was slightly higher than in all referred German cinemas (7,90 €/7,27 €).

The most important cinema chains in Germany at the end of the last year were CineStar, Cinemaxx, UCI Kinowelt (a part of Europe’s #1 cinema company ODEON & UCI Cinemas Group) and Kinopolis (not to be confused with the good known Belgian chain Kinepolis).

Residents Germany (mio.) 81.8
Admissions (mio.) 126.6
Revenues (mio. €) 920.4
Admissions per resident 1.55
Revenues per resident 11,26
Average ticket price (€) 7,27
Cinema companies 1,205
Movie theatres 1,714
Screens 4,699
Seats (thousand)* 809.5
Cities and communities 954
Residents per seat 101
Residents per screen 17,397
Admissions per screen 27.01
Admissions per seat 157

Ing. Juraj Misun, PhD.
Department of management
Faculty of business management
University of economics in Bratislava

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