New movie series at the Walker Theatre in Indy increases indie options

posted by CSWalczak on March 7, 2011 at 7:45 am

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — A new movie series called FLIX will debut at the Lady Walker Theatre in April, returning the once full-time movie house back into a cinema once again, at least on an occasional basis. The theater, which has a prominent role in the city’s African-American history, opened in 1927 and has been primarily a live performance theater in recent years.

“It’s an old theater that was built with amazing acoustics. I don’t know another theater in town that gets as dark as ours,” said Malina Jeffers, marketing director at the Walker. “Plus, we have a cash bar; it’s a big party. Those things together make us completely different from the cinema.”

The Walker is just the latest to the party. On screens set in museums, art houses and even chain cinemas, independent films, documentaries and classic flicks are bringing the thoughtful romance of the movies back to the city. Most importantly, they’re giving viewers a much wider range of choices.

The FLIX series will emphasize locally-made and other independent films and add to the number of other alternative film venues in Indy which this article from the Indianapolis Star also spotlights.

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